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Death by Spencertardary?

Cameron Padgett the student who organised Richard Spencer's "notorious" speaking event at Auburn College in 2017, and then several other speaking engagements at the University of Florida, Penn State, Michigan State University and the University of Cincinnati, has been announced dead at the surprisingly and tragically early age of 33.

OK, I guess it could have been Covid or some other cause of death that occasionally kills young healthy men, but like me, you're probably thinking this must be suicide or something caused by having his life ruined through his association with that dickhead Richard Spencer. 

Padgett signed on with Spencer as an "identitarian," a robust and morally defensible position. As he told the media at the time:

“Identitarian means you identify with your race, with your people, with your culture,” he said. “I’d say everyone in Japan is an identitarian. Everyone in Japan. I’d say everyone is an identitarian. They might not admit that because propaganda and things like that.”

In my experience Japanese people are very moral, so Padgett, by comparing himself to the noble Japanese people was on solid ground. 

But later, as is well known, Spencer went "full Nazi," dragging his brand in the shit and vomit of Naziism -- and for the worst possible reasons. 

Spencer only did this because he was desperate to be in the media spotlight, and he clearly got what he wanted.

But for someone like Padgett, a young man who still had to make his way in a world -- a world that could Google his past in an instant -- this was a tragedy.

One can only imagine the problems he faced in the aftermath of Charlottesville and all the revelations this produced. 

It would not be at all surprising if this played some part in Padgett's early death. 

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alan B'Stard M P said...

the Japs are more racist than Nazis. why do you attack Nazis?

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