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With the UK government gearing up to make some more pointless, politically-motivated Covid restrictions, a large demonstration of anti-lockdown/ anti-vax passport protesters has marched through London. 

Although the protests have been "mainly peaceful," some of the demonstrators have clashed with police at such places as the entrance to Downing Street, the Prime Minister's residence. 

Fuelling the rage of the demonstrators are a number of revelations that people in government have been ignoring the restrictions they have been imposing on everyone else. 


The Daily Express reported:

"Shortly before 3pm, having made their way to Regent Street, a group of protesters stopped outside a shop and began directing abuse towards those inside. Eggs were thrown at windows but no injuries were reported. Officers quickly intervened and calm was restored without further incident.

"At around 4pm, a group of protesters stopped on Whitehall in the vicinity of Downing Street. Projectiles, including beer cans and a flare, were thrown at officers.

"Regrettably, officers elsewhere on Whitehall were also subjected to abuse and physical violence. A number of officers sustained injuries as a result.


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