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Ben Raymond, one of the founders of Nazi LARPer group, National Action, has been sentenced to eight years in jail for just doing stuff that was considered "in bad taste" a few years ago.

As reported by the BBC:

Ben Raymond was found guilty of being a member of banned terrorist organisation National Action following a trial at Bristol Crown Court. The 32-year-old, from Swindon, helped to found the group which sought to start a race war in Britain. He was also convicted of possessing a manifesto by Norwegian terrorist Anders Breivik and a guide to homemade detonators.

Judge Christopher Parker QC sentenced him earlier to an eight-year prison sentence with a two-year extended period on licence. He told Raymond he would serve five years and four months' imprisonment before he could be considered for parole.

OK, stop there, so what did he actually do to get eight years of bending over in the shower? How many babies did he skin and eat?

"Sought to start a race war." 

Is that it? Really?

Whether we ever have a race war or not, it won't be because some loser in his bedroom "sought to start" one. I mean, how do you even go about "seeking" to start a race war?

That is the most non-specific and meaningless charge ever. 

Charles Manson "sought to start a race war," but at least he got his followers to slaughter some Hollywood people, and then used their blood to smear suspiciously neatly-written and correctly spelled "Black power" slogans on the wall.

It's actually pretty hard to "seek to start a race 
war" when only you and your Fam want it.
The period when Raymond's "race war seeking" was "committed" appears to be the period 2012 to 2016, round about the time shill sites like the Daily Stormer were running memes like "GTKRWN" at full blast through mainstream social media sites like Twitter and Facebook.

Why not send Big Tech execs to jail for the same shit? After all, they are totally responsible for what appears on their platforms.

Anyway, in those far off times, it was completely legal to be a prat on the internet. In fact, Britain's Deep State positively encourages it.

Oh, wait, Raymond also had a copy of Anders Breivik's manifesto. Well, that's a real game changer, isn't it? I mean it's not as if that can be easily downloaded online, can it? Only real terrorists would have that, wouldn't they?

But what about the guide to homemade detonators? The guide to 
homemade detonators is the smoking gun, bro!

Don't tell me they mean the Anarchist Cookbook again, because that little beauty is available for express shipping from Amazon.co.uk

Yes, this is just getting retarded. Over a dozen National Action idiots have been sentenced now, and not once did any of them ever actually hurt anyone. 

Flies cavort in perfect safety before those cold, dead eyes.

Let's call this what it was -- a pathetic group of Nazi LARPers -- possibly set in motion by the British Deep State itself, after all they have a bit of a history in this sort of thing.

Giving a harmless Nazi LARPer like this eight years of porridge is ludicrous. Anders Brevik who slaughtered the best part of a 100 people only got a 21-year sentence. Of course, Brevik's sentence might get extended, but then again what's to stop Orwellian Britain doing the same thing in this case?

Barra McGrory QC, defending Raymond said:

"The views of the organisation are undoubtedly repugnant to many people in the UK. This is an extremely small group of individuals which is not one that is actually engaged in violent terrorist activity. Neither is it one that has a structure in terms of being organised into cells in militaristic guerrilla warfare, such as al Qaida or the Irish Republican Army."

Yes, exactly, just stupid, ineffectual LARPers, or else pawns of the Deep State. 

Don't get me wrong, National Action members should be jailed, but not for terrorism. Instead they should be locked up for "crimes against British nationalism," as this kind of Nazi LARPing puts normies off genuine nationalism, which may be what it's all about. 

Also the crappy British state is terrified of even a single Brit-on-Non-Brit terrorist attack because that sort of thing could easily wreck Britain's already shakey multicultural society.

Is it for that reason that Britain's Orwellian State has now moved irrevocably into the World of Pre-Crime, which basically just means convicting people before they can commit a crime, regardless of whether they would really commit the crime? A line certainly seems to have been crossed.

How the British State sees itself

the British State actually is.

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