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Austria's former chancellor, Sebastian Kurz, told reporters that he is quitting politics for good. The vaguely right-wing politician said the recent birth of his first child had motivated him to take the step, which comes two months after he resigned as leader following allegations of corruption. 

At the age of 35, this is one of the youngest political retirements in history and is probably just a move to reduce the heat from the corruption probe. Once that problem has been resolved, Kurz will likely try to resurface in politics.  

Kurz told a press conference in Vienna on Thursday: 

“I'm neither a saint, nor a criminal. I'm a human being with strengths and weaknesses."

The allegations are that Kurz used public money laundered through ads by the Federal Ministry of Finance in the Österreich newspaper to pay for manipulated opinion polls to boost his chances of becoming leader of his party the Austrian People’s Party and then chancellor in 2017.

This definitely doesn't sound like someone who is going to fade away from politics.

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