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Suckers, you've been played!

Do you ever get the feeling you're being played and manipulated? Well, that's because you are, at least if the latest revelations about One America News (OAN) are anything to go by.

It seems that the very same people who finance the toxically "woke" CNN are also pumping millions into OAN, the favourite news channel of MAGAtards and Boomercons. 

As reported by Reuters:

One America News, the far-right network whose fortunes and viewership rose amid the triumph and tumult of the Trump administration, has flourished with support from a surprising source: AT&T Inc, the world's largest communications company.

Yes, that's the same billionaires
 who own CNN, because CNN is owned by Warner, which is now owned by AT&T. 

Here's an article from back in May highlighting that connection (in case you missed the memo at the globalist meeting at Davos):

Sounds like the American media is incredibly over-centralised, doncha think? 

So what about OAN? Back to Reuters who have revealed the utter cynicism of America's billionaire elites, happy to play both sides of the Left/Right political game, and walk away with all the chips:

A Reuters review of court records shows the role AT&T played in creating and funding OAN, a network that continues to spread conspiracy theories about the 2020 election and the COVID-19 pandemic.

OAN founder and chief executive Robert Herring Sr has testified that the inspiration to launch OAN in 2013 came from AT&T executives.

“They told us they wanted a conservative network,” Herring said during a 2019 deposition seen by Reuters. “They only had one, which was Fox News, and they had seven others on the other [leftwing] side. When they said that, I jumped to it and built one.”

Since then, AT&T has been a crucial source of funds flowing into OAN, providing tens of millions of dollars in revenue, court records show. Ninety percent of OAN’s revenue came from a contract with AT&T-owned television platforms, including satellite broadcaster DirecTV, according to 2020 sworn testimony by an OAN accountant.

Herring has testified he was offered $250 million for OAN in 2019. Without the DirecTV deal, the accountant said under oath, the network’s value “would be zero.”

Case closed. There is no such thing as independent media in the West, unless, of course, it's a cockamamie outfit like Trad News

(How about AT&T? You probably want to know who owns them. Lots of different people, but this link should give you a better picture.)

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