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Ben John the horrifying face of Amazon-compliant terrorism

It's increasingly difficult to write up news stories from the UK in a way that makes sense to normal human beings, but, heck, I'll try...

The picture above is Ben John, 21, a young lad who thinks the Jews are behind all the bad stuff. John is the subject of the latest Orwellian bullshit coming out of the UK because he was recently convicted of the so-called "terrorist offence" of downloading stuff.  

As reported by the BBC:

A right-wing extremist found guilty of possessing a bomb-making instruction manual has been given a suspended jail sentence. Ben John, from Lincoln, was convicted of having a copy of The Anarchist Cookbook on a computer hard drive.

Lincolnshire Police described him as a "white supremacist with a neo-Nazi ideology". At Leicester Crown Court, John [...] received a 24-month sentence, suspended for two years. Lincolnshire Police said John had first come to the attention of counter-terrorism officers in 2018 after he wrote a letter entitled Eternal Front - Lincolnshire Fascist Underground.

He was arrested in January 2020, and later charged with offences under the Terrorism Act, including possessing documents on combat, homemade weapons and explosives.

Yes, that is DOCUMENTS on combat, DOCUMENTS on homemade weapons, and DOCUMENTS on explosives. Not actual weapons and bombs, OK?

The force said John had become part of the Extreme Right Wing (XRW) online - a term for activists who commit criminal activity motivated by a political or cultural view, such as racism or extreme nationalism. He amassed 67,788 documents in bulk downloads onto hard drives, which contained a wealth of white supremacist and anti-Semitic material. One of the hard drives was found hidden inside a sock when police searched his home, officers said.

The only text mentioned is The Anarchist Cookbook, as that seems to be the problem. It's anyone's guess what the other 67,787 documents are, or how much police time was spent reading through them all in what the police described as a "long and complex investigation over the course of 11 months."

But guess what? Go to Amazon.co.uk and put in "The Anarchist Cookbook" and see what happens.

is what happens:

Yes, next day delivery to addresses in the UK, including Lincolnshire. WTF!?

Some kid got 24 month suspended sentence for having a book that you can buy on Amazon, or as the local police described it:

"a radical publication originally circulated in the 70s which contains diagrams and instructions on how to construct various explosive devices. It is illegal to knowingly possess material that could assist in terrorist-related activities."  

Yes, Catch-22, he had a book that could assist him in the terrorist-related activity of having a book that he could have bought on Amazon. 

Thanks ever so much, PC plod!

The reason this absurd story got any media coverage at all is not because the British media care a jot about such blatant Orwellianism. They do not. Instead it was because the judge, realising how stupid and cruel the whole thing was -- the young man's life has already been ruined -- decided to be as lenient as he realistically could, and suspended John' sentence on the condition that he read some classic literature to hopefully wean him off PDF copies of The Daily Stormer, TRS podcasts, or Millennial Woes videos.

As reported by the Times of Israel, which appears to be watching this case extremely closely:

Ben John, 21, avoided prison “by the skin of his teeth,” Judge Timothy Spencer of the Leicester Crown Court said during a sentencing hearing on Tuesday, instead handing him a suspended prison sentence.

Spencer said John’s crime was likely to be an isolated “act of teenage folly” and ordered him to reappear in court every four months to be “tested” on classic literature by Charles Dickens, William Shakespeare, Thomas Hardy and Jane Austen. 

In fact some Jewish groups are pushing for John to get the full fifteen years that UK law allows for a man downloading a copy of a book openly available on Amazon.

After the sentence was handed down, the UK-based Hope Not Hate anti-racism campaign group filed a request Thursday with Attorney General Suella Braverman asking her to order a new sentencing.

“These sorts of lenient sentences risk encouraging other young people to access and share terrorist and extremist content because they will not fear the repercussions of their actions,” Hope Not Hate said in a Thursday statement.

Additionally, the UK Campaign Against Antisemitism said in a statement that it was “inexplicable that a man who collected nearly 70,000 neo-Nazi and terror-related documents could avoid a maximum jail term of fifteen years and leave court with no custodial sentence whatsoever.”

Yes, send him to jail for 15 years just for having anti-Semitic opinions. What a great way to disprove all his insane conspiracy theories that "the Jews are behind everything and have too much power." 

Over the years The Anarchists Cookbook has sold millions of copies. Should they all be sent away for 15 years? Well, it is Clown World, so start building the concentration camps now!

Recommended by the judge: Dickens novels, such as "Oliver Twist" featuring such memorable characters as Fagin, played here in the 1948 film version of the book.

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