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Y'alright, bro?

Look, the only reason most of us went to Gab was because Twitter and Facebook had such a poor record defending free speech.

We all hoped that Andrew Torba would be different, but we also feared that eventually they would get to him. Now, with a new oppressive regime in the White House, it seems that Gab is starting to get cold feet in its commitment to free speech. In fact, Gab may now be worse for free speech than even Twitter and Facebook. 

Really, I'm not even joking. I just wish I was.

Here's the evidence. Item One - a Trad News story successfully posted on Twitter, where it can be gently shadowbanned, but at least it can be posted and seen:

Item Two - another Trad News story successfully posted on Facebook, where it can be viewed by a portion of our followers, and also shared to various interested groups, shadow banning notwithstanding:

Now, how about Gab, the so-called bastion of "true free speech"?

Item Three - trying to post a Trad News story on our Gab page.

Click the "Post" button and nothing happens. Instead we get a "COMPOSE SUBMIT FAIL" message time after time.

Maybe that's just a general problem, and Gab is having a bad day due to too many Twitter refugees or something.

No, because all links to other websites are posting just fine.

Gab seems to be backtracking on its commitment to free speech. It may even be "taking advice" from our old enemies the ADL and the SPLC. We suspect this because there is no other reason to censor our links, as our content is factual or satirical and makes a point of avoiding so-called "hateful rhetoric" or racial swear words. Also,
 there is much more "hateful" content on Gab, which is fine because we support free speech.

However, our esteemed chief editor Colin Liddell was put on the most famous ADL hitlist of them all, the one published in 2017 that identified a number of people the ADL made up its mind to drive off the internet.

This included a few heroes, like Liddell, Andy Nowicki, Jared Taylor, and Stefan Molyneux, and plenty of Zeroes, like Andrew Anglin, Mike Enoch, Richard Spencer, Greg Johnson, and Milo. 

Liddell's inclusion in this list also happened without just cause because Liddell, even in those days, 
avoided so-called "hateful rhetoric" or racial swear words, although, of course, his words were often quoted out of context. In fact, Liddell has also written many articles attacking the Alt-Right's anti-Semitism, and pointed out the obvious symbiosis between Fed-posting "Neo-Nazis" and the ADL's activities, as a means of shutting down legitimate dissident voices.

Right now the inability of Trad News to share direct links to its content on Gab suggests that the ADL or the SPLC may have got Torba by the balls. If this is true, it means that any so-called "Alt-Tech" platform that is based in Western countries is on dangerous ground. At some point a move will be made to force it to bend the knee to these sinister organisations. Maybe only Alt-Tech sites that are based overseas, like Telegram, are reliable. 

+++ +++ +++ UPDATE +++ +++ +++

18th February, 2020: In recent days Gab has been allowing us to to post links to Trad News. We will continue to monitor the situation.

20th February, 2020: Gab is blocking links to Trad News again.


Linda Kilbride said...

I have a recipe group there which will never get off the ground because every recipe I try to submit I get the "Post Submit Fail" notice.

Bryan Dale said...

Exactly. It’s not censorship. Gab has technical issues that’s pretty blocking everyone’s posts.

Anonymous said...

Just so you know.
1. Gab has had *literally* millions of people moving to their platform and away from Twatter in a *very* short time.
2. Gab owns their hardware instead of relying on cloud services, which are as bad as Twatter, and had to scale out like crazy to cope with the traffic increase.
3. Re-read point 1 and 2 and contemplate the challenges on Gab's realtively small team to get on top of this insane demand.
4. Patience is a virtue. Allow the Gab team some time. They got overwhelmed. It's really nothing more to it than that.

ScotchedEarth said...

You know what they say about excuses, anon? But Gab and its fanbois have been making excuses since they started. So that's, what? four years of excuses now. At what point will they bin the excuses and just provide a platform with some semblance of functionality?

Captain Conservative said...

I was a twitter user for many years. Then I had heard about GAB. I read how great it was and how mush free speech was welcomed there as well as there being more of a conservative/less liberal audience.

I signed up and weeks later, I find it is no better than twitter. I had seen arguing, racist comments and non-conservative views. I had assumed it would be better but was disappointed.

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