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Credibility is a fragile thing. Once it's gone it's gone for good. So be careful what you do with it. Which brings us to the subject of Vox Day (nowadays better known as "Vax Gay" due to his view that taking the vax is "gay"). The question has to be asked is the Alt-Liter writer finally going doolally? It's definitely starting to look that way. 

You don't believe me? Just check the photo above. That's Vox Day in a rainbow tutu about to participate in something called "The Color Run" FFS! 

Then there is this recent Gab post:

Yes, the guy is literally ban-blocking anyone who disagrees with him about anything. 
What an absolute wuss!

But then again, maybe this is evidence that he isn't completely loopy. Because, if I was posting some of the same insane crap that Vox has been posting, I wouldn't want to stick around and get wasted in the comments.

Stuff like this:

Yes, he's pushing the idiotic notion that the government literally wants to exterminate everybody. Why FFS!? And, secondly, he's  suggesting that the method they are using is to inject tiny bits of saline (literally salt) into our bloodstreams.

LOL. That's it! That's their dastardly plan.

They are doing this in tiny little doses, spaced months apart because, I guess, that makes it so much more deadly or somethig, LOL.

The average size of a vaccine dose BTW is 0.5 ml or less, of which only a tiny fraction is made up of active ingredients:

"Active vaccine ingredients are usually present in very small quantities. Each dose of the University of Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine is 0.5 millilitres, and each dose of the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine is 0.3 millilitres. The active ingredients in these vaccines amount to just a few thousandths of a gram."

Now if he had said the government were injecting cyanide or dogshit -- or even pissing in our drinking water -- he would be on firmer ground. But salt!!!!

Even if the jabs were 100% saline solution the idea that this would somehow kill off white blood cells is ludicrous, because, wait for it, a 50 kg person already contains around 200g of salt -- around 40 teaspoons -- which we also lose every time we sweat. If they can survive that, half a ml of saline every few months is a drop in the ocean. 

But that's Vox's story and he's sticking to it, and if you comment or ask him about it, he doesn't want to be your friend anymore. Boo hoo!

Injecting people with tiny bits of saline months apart is such a killer move that I wonder why it doesn't feature more in murder mysteries.

If this is the kind of trash that "Vax Gay" is pushing, then he is either a certifiable lunatic or else he is cynically grifting on the paranoia of the low-IQ people who have become his cash cows and buy his crappy books.

I think is almost certainly the latter. 

Either way, Vox Day now has zero cred and should never be taken seriously again by anyone. Ever. 

But one last thought. Maybe someone else is paying him:

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Anonymous said...

Agree on Vox, he's been batshit crazy for a while now. I think the comment ban came after his predictions of Trump/God Emperor coup fell in a heap early this year.

What can you do when you simply can't maintain any semblance of a rational argument ?

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