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One of the top eccentrics in the increasingly ludicrous Alt-Right is Jason Jorjani, a former academic who pushes a crackpot pseudo-religion called "Promethianism." According to this mixed-in-a-bucket goofball cult, Islam will be defeated by a "spiritual awakening" of Indo-European man that will give everybody powers of telepathy, clairvoyance, and precognition. Jorjani, who is half Iranian, also believes that Promethianism will "liberate" his homeland from the "evil Ayatollahs" and begin a Golden Age of space exploration. 

But it is not just Islam that Jorjani hates with an insane passion. He also wishes to wipe Christianity off the face of the Earth, calling in particular for the destruction of the iconic statue of Jesus that stands high above the city of Rio in Brazil.

In recent tweet, Jorjani ranted:

Someday, we are going to replace that Jesus statue in Rio with one of Prometheus. 

He also called for someone to step forward to translate his unreadable books into Brazilian Portuguese:
If anyone competent to do so is interested in translating my books into Brazilian Portuguese (or knows of someone who fits this description), please message or email me privately. 

As you can see from the illustration above, Jorjani's proposed Prometheus statue will have clear homoerotic elements, showing a naked man covered by a loose piece of golden cloth that is about to slip off and reveal his penis with the next gust of wind. 

This should not be surprising, as Jorjani was once "best friends forever" with Richard Spencer, who is trying to found his own crackpot homo-erotic fake religion called Apolloism so that he can also grift off esoteric junkies, autistes, and other submasculines. 


Jason Jorjani has responded to this story in a recent tweet by doubling down on the cock bit:


Garylaing789 said...

Lmao this attack on Jason is so retarded expect nothing less from jesus freaks lool jesus had no female apostles lool

Anonymous said...

Christianity and Promethianism are both gay. They should get on perfectly.

merlynagain said...

What is a TRAD?

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