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Not again!

France always seems to be getting taken in the rear. In May 1940 it was the Germans who sneaked in through the Ardennes while the French army was facing frontwards at the Maginot Line. But since 1950 it has been the Catholic Church that has been literally taking the country up the jacksie, with an army of pedo priests sexually abusing legions of innocent boys, a new report has revealed.

As reported by Reuters:

"French clergy sexually abused more than 200,000 children over the past 70 years, a major investigation released on Tuesday found, and its authors said the Catholic Church had turned a blind eye to the 'scourge' for too long. The church had shown "deep, total and even cruel indifference for years," protecting itself rather than the victims of what was systemic abuse, said Jean-Marc Sauve, head of the commission that compiled the report. Most of the victims were boys, he said, many of them aged between 10 and 13."

Disgusting, vile, sick, and depraved!

Yes, the so-called Catholic Church is now on a par with the Muslim grooming gangs in the UK, or in fact even worse, because the Church has been at it longer -- around 2000 years -- and managed to win people's trust with Church music and fake miracles. 

The real problem is that Christianity itself is just a made-up bullshit religion, while its supposed morality is just a means to turn off people's gaydar, and an 
excuse for a lot of homosexual middle-aged men to wear dresses all day, and for a sizeable number of them to commit pedophiliac abuse on an industrial scale. 

A couple of years ago, a book was released by a French journalist  that revealed an astounding 80% of Catholic Priests were gay. Yes EIGHTY PERCENT!!!!!! 

As reported by Russia Today:

Around 80 percent of Vatican priests are gay, according to a new book which details alleged secret relationships, male prostitutes and stunning hypocrisy from the most anti-gay members of upper echelons of the Catholic Church.

French journalist Frederic Martel’s new book, ‘In the Closest of the Vatican,’ claims that the more homophobic the priest, the more likely they are to be gay.

While not all the priests detailed in the 570-page book act on their sexual preferences, many are allegedly engaging in relationships with their fellow fathers, while some prefer casual hook ups and others are hiring male prostitutes, according to the review in Catholic publication the Tablet.

How many percent were also pederasts and pedophiles was not  mentioned.

Martel’s claims were based on four years interviewing over 1,500 people, including 200 priests, 41 cardinals and 52 bishops, and spending a lot of time at the Vatican. He is a gay himself. 

But this sort of thing has been hidden in plain sight for years. Just look at this filthy Catholic pedo smut. It's everywhere!

Let's face hard facts: French Christians would be better off sending their kids to a drag queen story hour than anything run by the Catholic Church. The kids would be a lot safer because there the homosexuality and transgenderism is out in the open. 

Now the bigwigs in the Catholic Church are desperately pulling strings to downplay this horrific scandal.

Reuters again:

"'Pope Francis expressed gratitude towards victims for having the courage to come forward. First of all his thoughts go to the victims, with great sorrow, for their wounds,' a Vatican statement said. (His thoughts go to) the Church of France, so that, in the awareness of this terrible reality ... it may embark on a path of redemption."

Really? Is that the best you can do? This is all you say after sexually abusing over 200,000 kids in just one country! I think it may be a little too late for mere apologies.

"The head of the French conference of bishops, Eric de Moulins-Beaufort, said the church was shamed. Calling the report a 'bombshell', he asked for forgiveness and promised to act."

These scum obviously can't wait for this story to die down so they can get back to their evil ways. I'm also pretty sure that some of the people now doing the apologising were knee deep in pedo poon or at least knew all about it and did nothing.

The only legitimate course of action for the Catholic Church is to immediately and irrevocably disband itself and disappear up its own arse, where it clearly belongs!


@TomJefforSon said...

Now do government parliaments and congresses for 70 years!

Anonymous said...

That's about what we expect from politicians although less little boys.

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