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A man who was a dogsbody and crap functionary of a corrupt empire has passed away from the Coof! 

The man, who was coated in "diversity Teflon" so that he could lie more and be even crapper than normal functionaries and dogsbodies, served the corrupt empire in a variety of forgettable positions.

His most famous moment was when he went to the United Nations and emptied a cartload of prime, grade-A bullshit on the floor of the chamber, resulting in a war, in which this man got his face melted. 

This incident may have been the inspiration for the Burning Man festival, held every year in Nevada to celebrate the glory of the corrupt empire, although the timelines don't quite add up. But, who knows, maybe Wikipedia is lying again.

All that we can say is that the general dogsbody and crap functionary of the corrupt empire will have an interesting time in the afterlife, as our sources report that he has been allocated the lava pit next to his old friends Osama Bin Laden and Saddam Hussein. 

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