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The Emir of Qatar, London's landlord

The mainstream media seem anxious to pass off the murder of Conservative MP Sir David Amess as a random killing by "some crazy third world person" (+NAXALT).

How convenient!

But this case has already started to look strange, with the revelations that the killer Ali Harbi Ali was living in a £2.5 million London townhouse, and his father was a former high-ranking member of the Somalian government -- still very active in Somalian politics if his Twitter feed is anything to go by.

Somalia is, of course, a chaotic Third World African dump, but it is also a strategically important country for the Middle East, while Britain, with its extremely lucrative ties to the Gulf States, is very much a post-colonial/neo-colonial power that is much more active in Middle Eastern politics than most normal Brits assume or would approve of.

This kind of post-colonialism naturally requires the support of run-of-the-mill backbenchers like Sir David Amess. So, let's dig a little deeper.

On Twitter, the killer's father seems to be part of a Somali faction that is opposed to the money power and geopolitical influence of the Emirate of Qatar. Here is a typical post making this clear:

Those dastardly Qataris, amirite? And what's the best way to "utterly diminish" that "influence" I wonder? 

Now, how about Sir David? Where does he stand on Qatari influence in Somalia and other places? Well, a trip to the  parliamentary Register of Members' Financial Interests is, how shall we say, very "interesting."

I'd say Sir David probably takes a rather generous attitude to Qatari influence almost anywhere, after getting £700 in hospitality! Being an honoured guest at a swanky horse racing and betting event would certainly warm the cockles of my heart. 

But is that all it takes for a foreign power to buy an MP these days? Hmmm, kinda cheap, but the guy did have a large family of daughters to marry off and some hungry pets, I guess.

Sir David in happier times
Also, let's not forget there are all sorts of other ways to channel funds and benefits to an MP and his friends that don't involve that pesky Register of Members' Financial Interests

It would be interesting to go back through earlier Registers of Members' Financial Interests to see how deep this Qatari connection goes, but here is what we've got so far: 

(1) Sir David Amess, an apparently nondescript backbench MP, is stabbed to death. There appears to be no special reason. Just a Somali nutter.

(2) It turns out, however, that his killer is connected to the highest levels of Somali politics. His dear old dad on Twitter describes himself as a former "Director of Media and Communication" for "The Prime Minister Federal Republic of Somalia."

(3) It turns out that the killer's father, and presumably his son, are part of a faction that is very pissed off at growing Qatari influence in their country. Living in London is expensive and they are not getting their slice of Qatari funding obviously.

(4) Finally it turns out that Sir David is best chums with the Qataris, and possibly the Emir himself, who owns great swathes of London and is also pals, naturally, with Britain's disgusting clique of Royals and other top Tories.

Back in 2013 the Emir and his family already owned Harrods, the Shard, Chelsea Barracks, part of Barclays Bank, Sainsbury's, the Olympic Village, the London Stock Exchange and, oddly enough, 20% of Camden Market.

That £700 in hospitality, and who knows what else, links him to Sir David and the concerns, fears, and hatreds of Sir David's killer, who may have had a much more rational motive for his crime than people suppose. 

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