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Karlin and the object of his Twitter affections

Strange goings-on at Unz Review as one of its top writers, Anatoly Karlin, decides to suddenly quit!!!

As usual with cases like this we are getting the old bullshit narrative of  "I'm just moving on, creative diffrences, blah blah blah..."  

On a recent podcast with podcasting legend Robert Stark, Karlin gave his "official reasons" for leaving the Unz Review, where he contributed over 1700 articles in the last 5 years:

"The editorial slant of the Unz Review has evolved in a direction that no longer seems very in accord with what I write about."

Yes, the pesky "slant" has started "evolving" again. That must be it, LOL.

Karlin also claimed that there was no bad blood between him and Ron Unz the proprietor and chief editor:

"There are no issues between me and Ron Unz. I respect him and I am grateful that he gave me a platform for 5 years."

Hmmm, maybe. But, as this sounds like a complete crock of shit let's speculate just a little. 

Of course, Karlin being a shill for Putin is not a problem. A lot of the people at Unz are Putinf8gs, and that's cool because Putin is a mixed bag with some good points and some bad. So, what else could it be?

Maybe it's the fact that Andrew Anglin is increasingly taking over the operation. Here are the latest featured articles. Almost all of them are written by Anglin:

Gee, Uncle Ron loves that boy. Pretty soon the Unz Review will just mutate into Daily Stormer 2.0. That's probably what Anglin's Fed handlers want.

Maybe Karlin realises that won't be ideal for him, as he likes to position himself just slightly off the more hard-core White nationalist stuff, and isn't comfortable with the more blatant anti-Semitism that Anglin and Unz represent.

Just a theory.

What else is there? Maybe the old story about Karlin being a "respecter" of 14-year-old girls came to Uncle Ron's attention and caused crockery to be thrown around the office at Unz Towers.

Back in 2014 Karlin tweeted this, which the Internet has rather unkindly chosen not to forget:

Which provoked this kind of response:

In today's hysterically censorious world that makes you a fully-paid-up member of the pedo club with knobs on top, so maybe sacking Karlin was the only move left open to Unz.

Is this just about protecting the children?

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Anonymous said...

Anatoly Karlin is also close friends with an activist for legalising child pornography - Emil Kirkegaard.

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