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Tim Willis: Tory councillor "going postal"

Panic buttons were being pressed and sirens going off after it was revealed that Britain's Turkish-and-Indian-led Conservative Party may actually have a few patriots lurking within its ranks. 

The shocking revelations comes after a Tory councillor was caught participating in a Telegram chat with members of Patriotic Alternative (PA), a Fed-controlled fake political party whose role is to link genuine nationalist concerns with Neo-Naziism. 

The councillor, Tim Willis, who sits on Worthing council in Sussex, foolishly participated in a Telegram chat with PA members and was instantly doxxed to antifa organisation "Hope Not Hate" (sic) probably by the same people he interacted with. 

As reported by the Jewish Chronicle:

Tim Willis, a borough councillor in Worthing, is a supporter of the white nationalist group Patriotic Alternative, the anti-racism campaign group HOPE not hate has revealed.

The Conservative Party have suspended the councillor over his support for the far right extremist group. A spokesperson confirmed his suspension pending the outcome of an investigation.

Patriotic Alternative was founded in 2019 by Mark Collett, a former director of publicity for the British National Party.

An investigation by HOPE not hate shows that Mr Wills endorsed the “white genocide” theory and claimed that there are others within his party "who are on side” with far-right nationalism.

The exact circumstances under which Mr Willis was induced to participate in the chat are unknown, but did he say anything particularly reprehensible?

His actual words, heavily edited and removed from their context, give the following quotes:

(1) "My view is Covid is a loss maker for us, we just need to centre on white genocide […] because many of our white race are convinced about vaccines, but not about our replacement, and need to be informed about this?"

(2) "No more listening to the lies they spread, it’s the day of reckoning for the blood we share!"

(3) [I believe in] "trying to infiltrate and influence those in power is our initial best way forward as we have no chance of political power any time soon, sadly."

(4) "My view is Tories are best of a rotten lot as still have a right wing minority who are on side."

(5) "Remember the 14 words."

Willis may or may not be a "secret Nazi," but purely based on these comments, all we can say is that he is just someone concerned about falling British demographics, something that is clearly happening in the UK and indeed the upper reaches of the Conservative Party. 

The 14 words ("We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children") is probably a sentiment that almost all native British people -- including many Labour voters -- would agree with, although it has a Neo-Nazi association simply due to the man who formulated them, David Lane, who was part of a Neo-Nazi terrorist organisation.

Willis, as an old boomer, may have been unaware of the David Lane association or may have thought it unimportant as the idea contained in the words is not a bad one. 

But now, thanks to this minor incident, there is a major panic that the Conservative Party may be full of actual patriots who have no wish to see British people reduced to a despised minority in their own country.

Nick Lowles, the antifa chief of "HOPE not Hate" is doing his best to spark off a witch hunt for patriots in the Tory Party: 

The fact that Tim Wills believes that there is a ‘right wing minority’ within the party who support his views should act as a wake up call to those who still deny the scale of the issue facing the Conservatives when it comes to racism and Islamophobia within its ranks. It is clear that Tim Wills should be immediately expelled from the Conservative Party and lose the whip as a Councillor, but it is also time for the Conservative party as the party of government to take serious steps to tackle the threat of far right extremism within its ranks.

That "far right extremism" is clearly the problem. Not the blanket tolerance shown to pro-immigration fanatics. Yeh, for sure... 

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