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It seems that the attacker who killed 5 Boomers in Norway with a bow and arrow was a convert to a Middle Eastern religion that was neither Judaism or Christianity. 

Unlike the mainstream gutter press that likes to provoke unnecessary hatred against religious minorities in order to get hits for their advertising, Trad News likes to act responsibly in these sensitive matters, preferring to calm the situation by glossing over awkward racial and religious details. 

Here for example is the Daily Mail unfairly trying to smear the 2 billion followers of this unnamed Middle Eastern religion, which may or may not have a holy place somewhere in the vicinity of Mecca:

A Danish man arrested for shooting five people dead and injuring two others in a bow and arrow attack in Norway is a convert to Islam who was known to police and had been in contact with health services, local media says.

The 37-year-old, who has not yet been identified, was arrested in the town of Kongsberg around 6.47pm local time Wednesday after a half-hour rampage that began in a supermarket and ended with police firing warning shots.

Several independent sources told Norwegian broadcaster TV2 that the man, who has lived in the town for several years, 'is a convert to Islam'. Police have not yet confirmed the information or disclosed a motive for the attack, though chief √ėyvind Aas said last night that officers will 'naturally' investigate whether it was terrorism.

What do you mean we "just mentioned" the attacker was a "Muzzie"? We did not! That was the racist Daily Mail, which famously supported Hitler's friend Sir Oswald Mosley in the 1930s. We have no wish to divide our otherwise perfectly functioning muticultural society in a desperate attempt to drive up clicks. So shame on them! 

Also shame on whoever made the meme below, as it stereotypes terrorists as Muslims when some of them are actually quite sensible people.

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