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How an all-expenses luxury trip to Qatar probably pans out.

It's increasingly starting to look like Sir David Amess was murdered specifically for his connection to the oil-and-gas-rich Emirate of Qatar. As Trad News revealed first, Sir David Amess (69), the victim of a stabbing attack by Somalian Ali Harbi Ali (25), had close connections with Qatar, a country which has made enemies in Somalia by interfering in Somalian politics. 

Now further evidence has emerged that the motive for the attack was not "Islamism," but instead collusion between greedy British politicians and the always generous Qatari government. This came to light after Labour MP Chris Bryant revealed that he had accompanied Sir David Amess on a luxury trip to Qatar costing over £8000, and had then received a death threat on his return.

As reported by Sky:

A man has been arrested for making death threats against an MP who was on the same trip to Qatar as Sir David Amess to meet Afghan refugees.

Labour MP Chris Bryant said he got off the flight from Qatar last Wednesday and he had a "pretty clear" death threat in his email inbox.

The Rhondda MP notified the police and a man was arrested over the weekend.

He told Sky News the arrest "stemmed directly from what's going on in Southend", where Conservative MP Sir David was stabbed to death on Friday while holding a routine constituency meeting.

Mr Bryant had been with Sir David, who he called "a very lovely" man", in Qatar to find out about the situation with Afghan refugees who were evacuated to Doha.

The investigation into the motives of Sir David's killer is by no means complete, but it looks like the real problem may not be nasty Islamists who "hate us because of our freedoms" but instead UK politicians getting freebies and luxury trips to collude with rich Arab states interfering in the politics of Third World countries.  

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