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Mistaken for his own waxwork, subjected to ordeal by pins

Facebook supremo Mark Zuckerberg is believed to be recovering in hospital following an horrific experience at Madame Tussauds the famous waxworks museum in London.

The trouble started when Zuckerberg, who was in London for an internet censorship conference, paid a visit to the famous museum shortly before closing time.

Unfortunately he got mixed up with his own waxwork, which surprisingly looks much more realistic and lifelike than he does, with the result that his wife Priscilla Chan and his handlers took the wax doll back to the hotel by mistake, leaving the real Zuckerberg locked up for the night amongst the other waxworks, including horrifying recreations of famous murderers and psychopaths like the Yorkshire Ripper...

Jack the Ripper...

Adolf Hitler...

and Bill Gates...

Unable to call for help through the high security windows, Zuckerberg was found the next morning by cleaning staff. 

According to one eye witness, he was a gibbering wreck, and was curled up in a fetal position, having wet himself.

But even though he was a crying, blubbing, piss-soaked mess, the staff still did not believe he was actually human because of his dead reptilian eyes, and had to stick countless pins in him to make sure he wasn't one of the waxworks.

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