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Literally Twittler
In another massive abuse of free speech, it seems that social media monopoly Twitter is desperately trying to kill the Katie Hill scandal for entirely partisan Leftist reasons.

Our own view is that the story is actually good for the Dems, as it helps balance the Party's boring, censorious, and indeed totalitarian image among independents.

In fact, this is what we said in our story on the case, which was not even critical of the scandal. But minutes after we posted the story, it became apparent that it had been instantly taken down:

We were also informed that we had received a 12-hour ban and may have to "complete some additional tasks to resume using Twitter" Very Orwellian!
It is obvious what is happening here. Twitter, under direct orders from a totalitarian Democratic Party, dominated by short-sighted control freakery, has commanded its algorithms to cut down a significant number of mentions and retweets of the Katie Hill story in order to stop it going viral. Simple as that. 

The case for Twitter being regulated in order to protect free speech is becoming stronger than ever. This is why we are proud to be on the Dissident Right.

"Please Twitter, give us our account back. We promise to be good little kitties."

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