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When I heard that a synagogue in Germany had been shot up, my first thought was that it must be some 6'3" square-jawed Neo-Nazi Aryan "superman" singing the Horst Wessel song. 

Maybe this guy:

But instead it turned out to be this guy:

The actual death toll should have been a clue, as only 2 people were killed, and neither of them were even Jews!!! He literally couldn't get the door to the synagogue open.

Really he just looks like you would expect an incompetent, shrunken-skulled fuckwit to look like. 

Also tbh he's about as White as famous "mystery meat" Nazi Andrew Anglin. That or he's just Turkish, which, as anyone who knows about these things can tell you, is a just a made-up national group to herd together all the "mystery meat" people dumped by history in the Anatolian peninsula.

But the key point, as usual, is that the kind of morons who do this kind of "White nationalist," "Neo-Nazi" retard shit are not even White. At best they are "almost White" or "sub-White."   

In fact, LARPing as an Aryan Nazi who is going to kill 6 million Jews is literally their way of trying to "become" White.

I mean, Weev seen this all before:

Sven are people going to finally realise that these Arab-looking motherfuckers and their Chinese wives are fucking up White nationalism with their retarded Jew-obsessed Neo-Nazi bullshit:

Really, Enoch is Enoch!

This has been Cohen on too long!


Unknown said...

Drama is for bitches

Anonymous said...

This is not drama, it is slapstick. Also it's obvious that Trad News is not Alt-Right/ NeoNazi.

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