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Trump's betrayal of the Kurds (a.k.a. "Our greatest ally") by pulling out US military personnel from Northern Syria will forever ring through the chambers of history as an act of supreme infamy -- or else will soon be forgotten as a sensible and entirely legitimate cost-cutting exercise for a part of the World that will always be a shithole anyway. 

But here at Trad News, we are mainly interested in the raw factual data on the ground, with the Kurds now exposed to invasion from their eternal enemies the Turks!  

So, without more ado here is a selection of "truth telling" images from this fast-moving situation:

Brave Kurdish freedom fighter makes a stand at the border. His use of "Pepe" camouflage means that he doesn't yet realise President Trump has betrayed him and his genitally-mutilated child bride.

Erdogan's evil stormtroopers advance on several Kurdish kindergartens to disrupt drag queen story time.

In the latest atrocity, Kurdish civilians are being forced to pose for this unconventional Turkish painting (they are only being allowed one toilet break every 3 hours)

Horrified by electronic signals sent directly to their brains, young, individualist Westerners take time out from all supporting the Extinction Rebellion to all protesting against President Trump's betrayal of our brave Kurdish allies.

Latest CNN infographic showing Turkish military advances against the Kurds.
Heroic members of Portland Antifa announce the founding of a new "International Brigade" to help the Kurds surrender to the Turkish invaders and lube their anuses.

Turkish Dictator Erdogan phones American dictator Trump to thank him for allowing him to "crush his enemies, see them driven before him, and hear the lamentations of their womenfolk!"
Trump replies: "Bomb those losers, I prefer ethnic groups that weren't captured."

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