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"Oh Danish police, please, please protect us. We're scared."
This is a hard one for me to write because here at Trad News we all hate scum-sucking antifa, but as we have demonstrated time and again we also hate LARPy Neo-Nazi farts who think that the only way to save the White race is to chain it to the dead corpse of Naziism. 

So, it is with mixed feelings that I report that the latest Scandza Forum was more or less shut down by a gang of Danish antifa despite the efforts of the police who arrested four.

According to the Swedish organiser Frodi Midjord and troubled Scottish YouTuber Millennial Woes, a group of between 50 and 100 antifa successfully blocked the venue somewhere in Copenhagen and prevented several of the speakers appearing as well as much of the audience. 

Gay Nazi Greg Johnson was one of the speakers who failed to get into the building, presumably after he tripped over his Savitri Devi saree. 

There are reports that Greg Johnson tried to slip into the meeting cunningly disguised as a Nazi Indian woman. 

Really, that's too bad, but should we be surprised? Of course not. This is what antifa does -- if they can get away with it. 

But being shut down like this is just bad optics. 

Any healthy nationalist group would be able to overwhelm a few dozen antifa weaklings. But, of course, Scandza Forum is NOT that. Instead it is a cosy little club of Nazi Alt-Right LARPers that sensible nationalists wouldn't be caught dead with. 

Just look at this line up:

I mean couldn't they also find a spot for famed Alt-Right wife-beater Richard Spencer or Andrew Anglin?

I don't know Frodi's politics, as he is just a soporific-voiced Swede with a beard, who looks like the missing fifth member of ABBA who was named at birth by Tolkien. While Rasmus Paludan is just some guy who opposes Muslim colonisation of his country (fair enough). 

But I definitely know the other four, who are all typical Jew-obsessed Alt-Righters and Nazi-signallers. Yes, and one of them -- at the very least! -- is Jewish himself.

Enoch is famous for The Daily Shoah and advocating (ironically or otherwise) for the extermination of all Jews; Greg Johnson is a gay Hitler fan who mainly wants the Jews out of the gay bathhouse society he wants to create in the West; while Collett and Woes are both well-known YouTubers who regularly Nazi-signal and attribute all the failings of Western civilisation to one small ethnic group -- oy vey! 

Collett and a walking swastika
Whether you agree with that shakey thesis or not, these four individuals are all part of a continuum of shills and useful idiots that attempts to run like a conduit of disease from toxic Daily-Stormer-type loser Naziism to healthy nationalism in order to kill the latter.  

Any successful nationalist movement begins with getting rid of the Nazis and the "soft Nazis," who provide an easy avenue for the Feds and the Deep State to subvert and marginalise it from the wider population. 

This is what European nationalists have understood for years, but Scandza Forum and several other individuals and organisations seem to be using Europe's "cultural cringe" to America as a means to repackage Jew-obsessed, loser Alt-Rightism for a European context where it can only fail.

But even retard Neo-Naziism of this kind and on this minor scale is implicitly violent, which is why the dregs of Danish antifa were morally empowered enough to mobilise their meagre resources to shut down this minuscule gathering. 

This is also why the police are not really trying too hard -- even though to their credit they did make some arrests. But basically no one important will blame them too hard for refusing to crack a few antifa skulls so that a handful of gay Nazis, shills, and LARPers can blow smoke up each other's arses. 

But despite all this, Frodi is now whining and crying about "muh rights" and "muh freedom of speech," as in this interview with the naive cunts at Red Ice Radio.

Yeh, sure a bunch of Nazi LARPers really, really care about everyone else's civil rights and freedom of speech, LOL. 

They only do so in this case because their message is so shitty and marginalising that they need the big, brave Danish police force to protect their LARPy little Alt-Right arses from a minor mob of effeminate antifa.


SebastianX1/9 said...

Anything in which Red Ice or Jared Taylor are involved is a government operation.

Anonymous said...

You really do come across as bitter and resentful. Every figure which you attack is more interesting and insightful than you are, and that clearly torments you.

It's either this or you're working for the globalists and attempting to stir up trouble.

Anonymous said...

Yes, but is he wrong? Is it a winning strategy to connect nationalism to Nazism? I would say p r o b a b l y not. In fact I would say anyone doing that is c l e a r l y working for the globalists themselves (or are just idiots).

Anonymous said...

But why ask Lidell how to be a winner if you could forward that question directly to Matt Forney.

Anonymous said...

I love it when weaklings avoid the point because they have no arguments. If more people had listened to Liddell's always excellent advice, the Alt-Right wouldn't have become the movement of losers that it undoubtedly has.

best friend said...

Yes Colin, and if they'd heeded Forney's advice they could have banged the Philippines.

Anonymous said...

I read that as subtle mockery of Roosh's oeuvre.

Anonymous said...

Colin you're just butthurt because none of the targets of your bitchy attacks want anything to do with you. Maybe you should try joining antifa if you're feeling left out?

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