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You don't know Andrew Anglin, but he is a young, struggling African American actor who just can't seem to get the work and doesn't understand why his calls are not returned. 

Here is a screenshot of his page on Backstage, the site where young, hungry actors try to  drum up work.

Look at the kid. He's got it all -- the looks, the attitude, the style -- and, going by his Instagram page, he also does rapping and shit.

But the phone never rings.

What gives? Why can't a Nibba cut a break? 

I think those of us in the Dissident Right know the reason. 

Unfortunately this talented young Black just man happens to share the same name as the most evil man in the universe, Andrew Anglin the proprietor of the Daily Stormer, America's leading Neo-Nazi site that continually advocates for the extermination of several key racial groups including its own Jewish staff

Here is the "other" Andrew Anglin, the one that Jewish show business agents are more likely to see when they google the name "Andrew Anglin" after getting the young actor's portfolio.

Yup, he looks pretty Black, but that's about all. 

He's just too short and ugly for anyone in show business to give him a second thought. I mean Warwick Davis has already got the dwarf market cornered, LOL.

Warwick Davis is not about to relinquish his stranglehold on the dwarf acting sector.
Although if they decide to make another Austin Powers movie then our young guy might get a ring, as Verne Troyer the actor who played Mini Me sadly passed away, and there is an uncanny resemblance between him and the internet Nazi Anglin.

Above internet Nazi Andrew Anglin, below dead Mini Me actor Verne Troyer
But that would only lead to problems when actor Andrew Anglin turned up on set and they found out he wasn't a slap headed, ugly dwarf like his famous evil namesake.

Really, this is a major problem, and the only way to solve it is to get the evil Andrew Anglin to change his name by deed poll to something else like Brian Shitstain perhaps.

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