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The UK government likes to pretend that Islam (aka "The Religion of Peace") has nothing whatsoever to do with all the unfortunate terrorist incidents that have happened in the UK in recent years. Not to mention all the ones the security services managed to stop.

But now, in the wake of the recent US assassination of "ISIS leader" Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the UK government has ordered its security services to step up surveillance of all Muslims on its terrorist watch lists. 

As reported by Sky News:

Security officials are increasing monitoring of high-priority Islamist extremist suspects in Britain following the death of the leader of Islamic State, according to Sky sources.

The move is precautionary amid warnings of the potential for reprisal attacks by supporters of the group after Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi killed himself in a US special forces raid in Syria.

British police and security agencies typically increase the monitoring of known, high-priority suspects in the wake of a terrorist atrocity or other significant moment that might prompt reprisal killings or copycat incidents, a Whitehall source said...

The increased monitoring of suspects in the wake of Baghdadi's death comes as world leaders warn his killing - while welcome - is not an end to the IS threat.

Many, including we at Trad News, remain highly sceptical about a former US asset "disappearing into the sea" while the President tweets a picture of the dog that supposedly helped kill him instead of clear evidence of al-Baghdadi's death. 

But the fact is that many Muslims view ISIS in a positive light, and saw al-Baghdadi as a "Muslim hero" fighting a "Holy War" against the West. Many of these same people will now be eager to avenge his death.

By raising the surveillance status on these people, the British government is thus making a clear connection between this terrorist threat and Islam, despite their repeated lies that terrorism has absolutely nothing to do with Islam. 

I'm not sure if we can accept such explicit racism in an era as "woke" as our own. Surely it is much better to suffer from repeated terrorist attacks than go down a path where hate wins.

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