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The daughter of YouTube vlogger and world famous "Alt-Lite" philosopher Stefan Molyneux has apparently drawn the best dragon ever. 

At least according to her proud dad, who posted the picture above on Twitter and tweeted the following:

My daughter drew a dragon. She is 10. I'm scared her next one will come alive!😯

Dragon experts are still assessing if Moly's daughter has in fact drawn the best dragon of all time, as there are literally millions of comparisons to be made, but to my uninformed layman's eyes it is a pretty solid effort. 

In particular it shows a mastery of pedantic detail, with each scale precisely drawn, apparently with a pencil that was repeatedly resharpened at regular individuals.

Of course critics of Molyneux will point to the dragon as evidence that the controversial YouTuber, who is believed to be a "house husband," has been neglecting his daughter.

According to this theory, each carefully drawn scale is a "cry of boredom and loneliness" by the young Miss Molyneux whose daddy is sadly too busy making YouTube videos to play with her.

Whether that is the case or not, it is a well known adage of the art world that true creativity comes out of suffering, as the career of Molyneux himself attests, with his own YouTube empire being the result of years of relentless child abuse by his own mother. 

This raises the possibility that the dragon may actually be a cathartic representation of Molyneux's own harsh and unloving parent, channelled through the psyche of his innocent daughter by some unknown process of inter-generational psychological osmosis. 

Whatever it's psychic origins, it is certainly a well-drawn dragon and a lot better than other competing dragons, like this cheap plastic one:

Or this badly drawn Chinese one, which appears to have found a large, oddly-shaped piece of wood:

Then there is this, which I'm not even sure is a dragon (maybe it's a feminist):

Or how about this one from Communist Eastern Europe, which demonstrates just how important the free market and non-aggression principle is: 

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Anonymous said...

This is legitimately good humor and I hope you guys keep going!

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