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Be careful what you protest about because it might just happen to you. That was the lesson learned by a group of middle-class crusties from fake ecological movement "Extinction Rebellion" after they tried to disrupt the London Underground services used by hard-working Londoners and almost became extinct in the process.

Increasingly pissed-off London commuters, who have already had to put up with endless disruptions by what is basically a gang of morally signalling middle-class art college kids and other freaks, finally snapped when a group of four ER "protesters" tried to climb on top of London Underground trains.

As reported by the Daily Express:

"In a video posted on Twitter, commuters could be seen rebelling against Extinction Rebellion protesters who climbed on a Jubilee Line Underground train at Canning Town Station on Thursday morning. One protester was dragged down from the top of the train and then attacked by a few commuters before the violent fight was broken up by a woman and a London Underground staff member.

The environmental activists, who are currently staging two weeks of demonstrations in the capital, targeted Stratford, Canning Town and Shadwell during rush hour.

Furious commuters took to social media to share pictures and videos of the chaos.

One person tweeted: “Extinction Rebellion sat on trains at Shadwell. You are not giving any sympathy to your cause by stopping people getting to work.”

A commuter at the scene tweeted: “One protestor was pulled down and another was pushed down by a passenger who climbed on the train.”

These heroic vigilante actions came after ER was banned from protesting in London but still allowed to do so by the capital's incompetent, female-led police. 

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