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Under the guise of pretending to be "concerned" about our health, the evil globalists, who run the world and want us to live in pods and eat bugs, are now trying to "normalise" a Quasimodo-like ogre as the perfect woman of the future. 

Named "Emma," she is a waxwork figure produced to accompany and publicise a report titled ‘The Work Colleague Of The Future.’

The report examines how normal women will look by 2040, thanks to their pointless and unhealthy lives working in stress-filled offices. 

As you can see on the full height version, Emma has extremely bad posture and fat, disgusting cankles caused by her extremely poor circulation. These will ultimately be fetishised into objects of desire by a complient globalist media. 

She also has a loathsome hump from being slouched over a computer all day. This too will get the Hollywood treatment in years to come, with A-list male heart-throbs being made to kiss it in countless mass marketed movies, until normal males are gas-lit into viewing it as the epitome of feminine loveliness. Rather similar to the way we view the female defecatory region today.

Other key features sported by Emma are her pale skin, red eyes, and hairy ears and nostrils. 

The red eyes are caused by staring at meaningless information on computer screens, while the hairy head holes are an evolutionary response to the poor quality of air produced by office air conditioning.

Don't worry if you find these various characteristics stomach-churning, because, by the time 2040 rolls around, you will have been brainwashed to find all such women irresistibly desirable, and will want nothing more than to cradle their misshapen six-toed elephant feet in your hands as you pour adoring, sugar-laced words into their fur-choked ears. 

That is the world the globalists have in store for you. What are you going to do about it?


exlib said...

Things will have to get worse before they get worse. 99.99% of the mindless masses is too dumb to think.

Matthew said...

This article is so dishonest. That isn't at all what the Independent.co.uk article was saying about this sculpture.

Anonymous said...

Yes it was!

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