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Judge Mark Dwyer and "the luckiest pedophile in New York" Rabbi Baruch Lebovits
Mark R. Dwyer, the "brave, crusading" judge who jailed two Proudboys for four years for brawling with violent antifa thugs, appears to take a much more lenient view of pedophile sex. 

Back in 2014, the judge was instrumental in a convicted pedophile serving only 4 months!!!

The pedophile Rabbi Baruch Lebovits was found guilty of performing oral sex on a teenage boy multiple times, but thanks to the help of Judge Dwyer and his high-paid attorneys, including Jeffrey Epstein's friend Alan Dershowitz, Lebovits got off with 4 months jail time and the title the  "luckiest pedophile in New York."

Lebovits was initially sentenced to over 10 years in 2010, but his high powered lawyers appealed claiming a technical error in the trial and got him released on bail in 2011 pending a retrial, which finally happened in 2014.

Because of the pressure from Lebovits attorney's, the DA proposed a lenient two-to-six-year sentence in a cushy state prison. But, after the defence argued that Lebovits would end up serving closer to six years because of the severity of his offence, Dwyer inexplicably set aside the DA's suggestion and decided that a straight 2-year sentence would be "appropriate."

However, Dwyer even fucked this up. Worried that the sentence would look too lenient with "early release" for "good behaviour" -- a full one-third of the sentence in New York -- Dwyer made it a condition of the two-year sentence that Lebovits waive "early release."

"Our understanding is that you normally would be released after about 16 months. The waiver of early release would have the effect of keeping you in some months more, not more than 24, of course, but some months more than 16.…Obviously [you would] expect to get credit for the jail time you’ve already done," Dwyer explained in court.

But by law, good-time credit cannot be waived, something the Judge should obviously have known. Lebovits's attorneys jumped on Dwyer's mistake -- assuming it actually was a mistake and not a pre-planned fuck-up to whittle down Lebovits's sentence even more -- getting the 2 years with 8 months off for "good behaviour" and one year off as time already served. This meant that Lebovits was jailed for just an additional 4 months!!! 

Pace University law professor Bennett Gershman gave a damning legal opinion on the whole case. Talking to the the Jewish Week at the time, he cast doubt on the motives of everyone involved in the case. 

“It’s inexplicable why the prosecutor didn’t take the affirmative step of making a motion, or the judge, on his own, didn't call the parties back to correct his error. That they didn’t, there’s got to be a reason. Is it because it’s a headache? Because they want this thing to be covered up because it’s embarrassing to the judge? I guess they felt that this case was such a hot potato that they wanted to get rid of it.”

The unluckiest Proudboys in New York

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Urtani said...

The judge is a child molester

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