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A couple of years back, as is well known, Cologne was echoing with the screams of thousands of German women being groped, raped, and sexually assaulted by mainly Muslim and African migrants.

Now, in what looks like a massive insult to those victims of sexual violence, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has opened up great, big, f**king mosque right in the middle of the formerly German city. 

It is hard not to see this as marking the rising power of Islam and even the possible future enslavement of the former inhabitants, who will clearly find life under a Muslim-dominated society extremely oppressive.

Even worse, however, is the shocking fact that the design of the mosque is a blatant reference to the rape and sexual violence that happened in Cologne.

Austrian magazine depiction 
of the Cologne Rapes
As reported in the media, the building is designed to represent a flower bud opening! 

Flower buds, as is also well known, are a traditional poetic symbol of the female vagina, so to place a mosque with that specific kind of design at this particular site, with its associations of Muslim migrants sexually assaulting native German women, is insensitive to say the least.

Sadly, none of this was picked up on by demonstrators protesting against the Turkish President. The demonstrators simply focused on his supposed "human rights" abuses in his own country and made no attempt to critique the mosque itself.

As reported by Middle East Eye:

Tayyip Erdogan has opened one of Europe's largest mosques in Cologne as he wrapped up a controversial visit to Germany, with police deploying in force to manage rival rallies in the city.

Saturday's official inauguration marked the closing event of his three-day state visit, aimed at repairing frayed ties with Berlin after two years of tensions...

Erdogan then travelled to the western city of Cologne where several thousand critics took to the streets, protesting everything from Turkey's record on human rights and press freedom to its treatment of minority Kurds.

On the bank of the Rhine, demonstrators waved banners reading: "Erdogan not welcome."

Sadly, the anti-Erdogan protesters did not include German nationalists keen to protect their nation's sacred identity, but instead just a bunch of signally shitlibs and Leftists. Even worse, this crappy demo was opposed by a large, pro-Erdogan crowd of Turks and Muslims, who clearly see the city as their territory already.

Erdogan supporters meanwhile gathered at the Cologne Central Mosque, an imposing dome-shaped building commissioned by the Turkish-controlled Ditib organisation.

Cologne police cordoned off a large area around the mosque for safety reasons, but thousands of Erdogan supporters spilled into closed-off side streets, eager for a glimpse of the Turkish leader.

Many waved Turkey's red and white flag or held up pictures of Erdogan, with the crowd occasionally breaking into cheerful chants of "Who is the greatest? Turkey!"

"Erdogan is very popular because he has done a lot for his people," said Yusuf Simsek, 42, a computer technician with Turkish roots.

Semra, a 41-year-old kitchen worker, agreed.

Germany is home to more than three million ethnic Turks, while the city of Cologne, according to 2016 data -- now already out of date -- has a migrant population of 36%. 

The mosque itself was built by the Turkish-Islamic Union of the Institute for Religion (Ditib), which runs hundreds of mosques across Germany, with imams paid for by the Turkish state.

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Anonymous said...

FWIW I'd guess the majority of the non-black Cologne rapists were probably Barbary Coast north Africans, not Turks.

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