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When Richard Spencer set out on the "path to power" in 2010 with the foundation of the Alt-Right, he decided he needed a wife and maybe some kids to give him the right image. Also, he wasn't about to let the fact that he wasn't particularly interested in women to stand in the way. 

Accordingly, a few months after he started AlternativeRight.com -- with the help of Colin Liddell and Andy Nowicki -- he went out and got himself "wifed up." She was a dark-eyed, big breasted Russian/Georgian beauty, who had grown up in Canada by the name of Nina Koupriianova

But recently-released court papers show that in June this year, after less than eight years of marriage, Nina filed for divorce at Flathead County District Court in Montana. 

The documents are also very revealing about the nature of the so-called marriage, with Nina accusing the one-time leader of the Alt-Right of being "physically, emotionally, verbally and financially abusive."

Many people who know Spencer well thought that there was always something rather odd about the relationship, rather like President Macron's marriage in France, and a high likelihood that Nina was just a "beard" for something more "implicit," as it has always been clear that Richard never loved anybody as much as himself -- except perhaps for the thought of Hitler Jugend in leiderhosen

During the infamous 2016 "Heilgate" conference that he organised to celebrate Donald Trump's victory, Spencer notoriously ran films showing the naked male statuary of Arno Breker to soundtracks of Wagner -- a typical "gay Nazi" trope. 

The fact that Nina went on to have two children while married with Spencer, doesn't necessarily mean very much. In fact, many of the details revealed by his wife suggests that Spencer had very little concern for the well-being or even survival of the children in his wife's belly. 

For example, in early July, 2014, Nina reported that Spencer physically assaulted her when she was four months pregnant with her first child, saying that, "He got on top of me, held me down with his bodyweight, and held me by my neck and lower jaw." This led to bruising. 

She included an email exchange from July 7 corroborating this statement in court records:
Days later, on a visit home to Canada, Nina's mother advised her to document the bruises by taking photos. Nina included photos of the partially faded bruises in the court filings, dated via an email she sent to herself titled "Bruises."

It is well known in the Alt-Right that Spencer is a big fan of James Bond and often commented approvingly of Sean Connery's famous quote on wife-beating:

"I don't think there is anything particularly wrong in hitting a woman, though I don't recommend you do it the same way that you hit a man."

Perhaps even more illuminating is that Spencer allegedly beat his wife after she "attempted to cuddle" him while he was watching one of his favourite movies.

"He often went into 'Mr. Hyde' in the evenings and had issues with handling physical intimacy, including hugs," his wife reported.

Sounds like a really tortured soul, there. Must be in serious denial about something. I wonder what.

Troubling image of Spencer with what appear to be traps.

In late October 2017, when Nina was nine months pregnant with a second child, she said Spencer tried to punch her in the face during an unexpected visit.

She apparently had the foresight to record the event. In a transcript of the audio recording from the same night, according to Nina, she said to Spencer:

"You’re going to hit a pregnant woman?"


"You just tried to push me into the freaking stove."

The couple tried counselling, but this didn't work out too well according to Nina who claims that Spencer "grabbed, pulled, and held" her by her hair in the car afterwards.

All these details will strengthen the widely-held belief that Nina and Spencer's marriage was never genuine, and that she was some kind of "beard" for some sort of weird Spencerian "double life." 

In his affidavit to the court, Spencer expresses his longing to see his children, whom he has not been able to see since divorce proceedings were initiated.

He complains that his wife prevented his visitation by "stonewalling" (an interesting choice of word given the rumours about Spencer) and “willingly ignoring polite requests."

Defenders of Spencer, if there are any left, will doubtlessly point to this as proof that he is the father of Nina's children or at least cares about them. But, given Spencer's obviously narcissistic and sociopathic personality type, it is just as likely that these concerns are motivated by how his "heterosexual image" among his shrinking band of followers and donors could be affected.

But even if this was a genuine marriage, it is one more example in a long catalogue of Spencer failures.  

But don't expect this story to blow over quickly. Our latest information is that Nina will soon have a book out, giving a highly detailed -- and for Spencer an extremely embarrassing -- account of their life together. Spencer, it seems, picked a fight with the wrong woman.

Napoleon, Hitler, and Spencer all tried to conquer Russia. They all failed.


Alt-philosophy said...

Really this is what have become of you? Of us?

kudzu bob said...

I have never met Spencer, but I don't buy into your notion that he is a homosexual. Far from it.

However, I have come to believe that Spencer's drinking has a great deal to do with his string of personal and professional failures.

Anonymous said...

Don't punch right, bro...Oh wait, this is Spencer. Go right ahead.

Anonymous said...

He's obviously a bisexual. For Spencer there are two genders - him and the rest of humanity whom he wants to fuck.

Matt Heimbach said...

Okay, here's the dope. Spencer is gayer than Greg Johnson of Counter-Currents, which is sayin' quite a lot. As to his marriage to that Russian bitch, I was personally called in to fuck his wife, Nina (neener, neener, neener!) because ol' Spencer was too busy admiring statues of Arno Breker with a magnifying glass. Anyway, I fathered both his kids - not Richie. Also, the divorce decree will specify that I get custody of Nina's two luscious titties (hubba hubba!) as well as Richie's collection of two hundred nude photos featuring Kevin Alfred Strom posing with the local Girl Scout troupe. Now, although I'm no longer fucking Matt Parrot's wife (or that bitch who left me) I'm going to soon be fucking Richie's mother. Oh, yeah - I'm now a full-fledged Nazi with Jeff Schoep's insane NSM so be lookin' for me!!!


Matt "Get Some!" Heimbach

Anonymous said...

Is the picture of Richard Spencer with his wife and Laura Bush genuine or not? Has he ever given any indication?

Matt Heimbach said...

ANON: "Is the picture of Richard Spencer with his wife and Laura Bush genuine or not?" *******************************************************************
No, but that picture of me fucking Nina's bush is!

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