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"very, very, very, very happy"
Just two days after she stunned the World by converting to Islam, washed-up pop star Sinead O'Connor has now converted to Zoroastrianism, the fire-loving faith of the ancient Persians and the Parsis of India. 

As explained by the Encyclopedia Britannica:

Though Zoroastrianism was never, even in the thinking of its founder, as insistently monotheistic as, for instance, Judaism or Islam, it does represent an original attempt at unifying under the worship of one supreme god a polytheistic religion comparable to those of the ancient Greeks, Latins, Indians, and other early peoples. Its other salient feature, namely dualism, was never understood in an absolute, rigorous fashion. Good and evil fight an unequal battle in which the former is assured of triumph. God’s omnipotence is thus only temporarily limited. In this struggle all human beings must enlist because of their capacity for free choice. They do so with soul and body, not against the body, for the opposition between good and evil is not the same as the one between spirit and matter.

O'Connor announced her conversion on Twitter, saying her conversion was: 

"...the natural conclusion of any intelligent theologian’s journey. All scripture study leads to Zoroastrianism. To honour the Great God Ahura-Mazda, I have now burnt my Koran and rosary beads."

To signify her conversion, O’Connor has once again changed her name, this time to Dinbanu, an ancient Zoroastrian name, which means "a woman who is extremely attached to her faith."

O'Connor is not the first pop star to be a Zoroastrian. The late, great Freddie Mercury, whose real name was Farrokh Bulsara, was actually born into a family of Parsi Indians. 

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Sal said...

I take it this is spoof.

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