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"If only you had donated more we wouldn't need to do this."
The new trend in the Alt-Right right now is the paywall, with an increasing amount of content now being available only to "special subscribers" at a range of popular Alt-Right sites.

Previously I had only associated this term with dying mainstream media publications, but now the paywalls are shooting up everywhere. Not sure when RamZPaul started his paywall, but a lot of his content seems to be subscriber only.

The Alt-Right's favourite podcast, The Daily Shoah, now has every second show behind its new paywall, and has even introduced a "Svencam," showing studio activity during podcasts for paying subscribers. 

More recently AltRight.com, Richard Spencer's site, started running paywalls on some content, including a bit of bantzing on Milo, who, as everyone in the Alt-Right knows, is Richard Spencer's least favourite black-cock-sucking Jewish-English Greekman.

Of course the superficial appeal of paywall is obvious.

For those being paid, it is a way to restock depleted coffers. As the Alt-Right has grown, the overheads of being a fully-functioning Alt-Right site have soared, but at the same time donations have been hit by the actions of tech companies like Patreon and Paypal.

Recently, however, Alt-Tech has stepped into the gap with Hatreon. For example, every month Richard Spencer receives $849.00 per month from Hatreon donors, in addition to other donations paid directly to AltRight.com by credit card and check. Donations are still a completely feasible way to fund the Alt-Right.

For those paying the subscription, there is the benefit of feeling more "privileged" -- as if being White isn't privilege enough -- of being a "special little snowflake subscriber," privy to more of the "table talk" of the elite inner circle than the non-paying plebs outside in the cold and dark. 

This has a raw psychological appeal for many people and gives them a much-needed sense of "belonging" and of having their commitment "recognised" in some way, even if it is just by a piece of browser recognition code.

But there is a negative side to paywalls. 

While the older generation has a lot of money to subscribe to this or that club or group, Generation Z, the generation that will ultimately carry the Alt-Right to power, is dirt poor. Reducing their flow of Alt-Right content or making them feel like "second class citizens" in the movement is highly dangerous. 

Colin Liddell the Chief Editor of Alternative Right, the founding site of the Alt-Right, which he admits is neither popular nor tech savvy enough to put up its own paywall, recently made the following hard-hitting points on Twitter:
But perhaps the most eloquent comment on the situation was made in a secret Alt-Right forum by Alt-Righter William Rome:
"We need to appeal to poor working class whites hit hard by the economy and immigration...they must pay to hear us stand up for them."


J said...

They show their true colors. Many in our movement do everything for free.
The only exception I would allow is Red Ice because they're that way since forever, and since before joining it all, the show is their living bread as well.

Anonymous said...

I can only see a few top-tier sites requiring a paywall and they need to have a ton of high-quality material, like exclusive interviews. I agree that Red Ice is probably the only one that makes the cut at this point.

F-you RamzPaul, you're just and old drunk guy rambling in front of a webcam.

._ said...

Let's be clear on how this works. Sites like that do regular content can either give you one episode a week because everyone is working full time jobs, or two free episodes and a third subscription one.

Really not hard to understand.

Anonymous said...

Guess you missed all the donations TRS got. If it ain't broke don't fix.

benis_boy_42069 said...

yes i expect everyone to deliver me hot fresh and relevant content 24/7/365 for free and people asking for minute amounts of money for a subscription so that they can get nice equipment, create more content, and do more irl activities are talmudic as fuck

Anonymous said...

It was enough work listening to the Daily Shoah once a week. Now I've got to listen to 3 or 4 of them a week and pay for the White privilege.

The Unknown WN said...

I support the alt-right and get something tangible back for it by purchasing alt-right novels such as Ward Kendall's "Hold Back This Day", "Eternity Beach", and "The Towers of Eden". He's a great writer and I get something back to show for it. That's how I support the alt-right cause.

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