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For f**k's sake, newsmakers, pull your f**kin' thumbs out of your arses. I've never seen such a sorry array of news as I did today. There is absolutely nothing worth reporting on. Really, it's as boring as f**k.

Iran and Saudi Arabia on the edge of war? LOL, I'll believe that when I see it. Plus, one more war in the Middle East? Who would f**kin' notice? Kebab war isn't the same as real war. Plus the oil companies would yank their chains after a couple of firework shows.

"But what about all the fascinating details about the Texas church shooting?" I hear you cry. Well, if that turns you on, go for it. Exactly what sound does a baby make when you pop its head with an AR-15? ...I'll pass.

As far as I'm concerned, that story is done and dusted and isn't going anywhere new. The hand wringing has been done and it changes nothing in the gun control debate. They'll be another nutcase somewhere soon with the usual tangle of mixed motives to shoot up some more innocents. Rinse and repeat...Yawn.

Milo selling "It's okay to be White T-shirts" and the Alt-Right losing their shit over it? Who gives a f**k. Stick a fork in Milo, he's just tedious now. 

Anyway, when the main story for 3 days running is how President Trump fed some fish in Japan, you know the news cycle is fucked.

As Morrissey says in his latest song:

"I recommend that you stop watching the news..." (at least sometimes)

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