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After having his "Total Muslim Ban" watered down by cucks in the US legal system, President Trump has found a new way to hit back at the Muslim menace that is currently threatening to destroy the Christian World. He did this by retweeting three videos from Jayda Franssen, deputy leader of "Britain First" a small, pro-Christian nationalist party in the UK.

The tweets are effectively a declaration of "Holy Christian Jihad" against the Islamic hordes, because they show the extremely negative effects of mass Muslim migration into European countries. 

In one video, a sinister bearded man destroys a statue of the Virgin Mary, while in another a gang of Muslims beat a crippled Dutch boy for no other reason than he is a Christian and they are in his country. Another video showed Muslims in a Muslim country killing a homosexual.

Critics have claimed that one or more of the videos may in fact be fake, having been produced in order to stoke up fears and emotions in order to promote fund-raising by anti-Islamic campaigners. 

Modern-day Boadicea Jayda Franssen
The White House responded to such criticisms by saying that it wouldn't really matter if the videos were fake as there is enough evidence to suggest that Muslims are in fact destroying Christian imagery, conducting violent attacks on Europeans, and killing homosexuals on a significant scale.
'Whether it is a real video, the threat is real,' White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders told reporters outside the West Wing. 
Meanwhile in the UK, Britcucks immediately took to the streets and the airwaves to show their fealty to their Muslim overlords.

Demonstrators gathered outside the Prime Minister's residence in Downing Street, holding placards denouncing Trump, while the British Prime Minister released a statement, saying, "It is wrong for President Trump to have done this."

Prime Minister May begs forgiveness from her Islamic masters.
One of Trump's most vocal critics was Piers Morgan, a disgraced former newspaper editor and TV celebrity of Irish Catholic orogin. Morgan, who was born, Piers O'Meara, denounced Trump in particularly strong terms, writing his comments in the second person in a pathetic attempt to imply that Trump actually reads his articles (LOL):
"Mr President, please do not underestimate the enormity of what you did today. You’re the most powerful person on earth, and your words carry huge weight, as do your retweets. You have now effectively told all the world’s bigots, racists, Islamophobes and white supremacists that you’re with them, that they’re YOUR kind of people...You might as well have addressed the American people from the Oval Office with a Ku Klux Klan hat on...Mr Trump, this is the worst thing you have done as President. I urge you to immediately undo those three re-tweets, and apologize unreservedly. That won’t repair the terrible damage you’ve done. But it will at least acknowledge that you understand just how wrong it was. If you don’t, we will be left to assume that you too are a hateful Islamophobe and racist. Are you, Mr President?"
While some may see this as an attempt by Morgan to win the much coveted "Cuck of the Year" award, the real story here is that Morgan has been White knighting for Trump for years in the hope that Trump would notice him and grant him special access. Morgan is clearly bitter that "senpai hasn't noticed him" and is clearly throwing a fit as a consequence.

As for the rest of the West, we are more like...

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