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He finally done it! The world can now stop holding its collective breath. Yes, Milo Yiannopoulos has launched his new, exciting "exciting new website" Dangerous.com.

The site features the full archive of articles written for Milo by his various interns when he was still employed by Breitbart, "basic bitch" conservative talking points that sound edgy because they are associated with a gay man who loves Black cock hitting his tonsils, and plenty of merch links and details of Milo's tedious tours -- all because a freshly "married" gay man has to eat (but enough about his sex life).

More disturbingly the new site just looks dull, plain, boring, and safe. Check it out for yourself (UPDATE: The site has now been locked to "members only") and come back here if you don't fall asleep. Better still, here's a screenshot:

What's that burning smell? Is that the smell of the World being set on fire? No, sorry...it was just my wet socks getting singed because I put them too close to the fire.

Anyway, I was not impressed and I doubt others will be. Dangerous.com is certainly the wrong name for it, as hopefully, very few readers will actually want to have sex with Milo, which is about the only thing that is still dangerous about him.

Honestly, Milo's new site is such a drab non-event that I even feel bad reporting it here as a minor news item on a slow news day.

In other news, Charles Manson died. Now, there was a guy who could legitimately lay claim to the title "Dangerous." Not Milo. Milo is just a silly little sausage.

See, I can't even be bothered making up high quality insults for the guy. He's just not worth it and nor is his site. I feel it is just fading away as I write....

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