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An artist's impression of what the next German coalition government will look like.
BERLIN: Chancellor Angela Merkel put on a brave face (let's face it any face would be better than her own) and said that she is "still optimistic" about the chances of creating a "Frankenstein coalition" composed of completely disparate parties, after an initial round of talks completely failed to produce positive results.

Following the September 24 election, which deeply dented the power of Merkel's ruling Christian Democratic Union and gave the nationalist Alternative fur Deutschland a large number of seats, the Chancellor has been struggling to put together a coalition with the Greens and the Free Democrats.

Merkel told reporters there are still “difficult” discussions ahead “but I still believe that we can tie the ends together if we make an effort, and in a way that allows every partner to emphasize its identity.”

LOL, sounds like a shit sandwich to me. Let's face it whatever finally comes out of these talks is going to be a gruesome monster, probably dragging a skin flap, that will turn voters increasingly to the Right.

The Greens are a LAPRy, signally hard left party. These are essentially the same cucks and race traitors who were holding up "Refugees welcome" signs a couple of years ago when Chancellor Merkel temporarily mislaid the country's borders. 

The Free Democrats meanwhile are basically the German equivalent to the Tea Party, economic neo-liberals who believe in balanced budgets and cutting back government intervention. 

Good luck getting these two parties to work in tandem with the cuckservative CDU, Frau Merkel. If you pull it off, for your next trick may I next suggest you try mating an elephant and a butterfly.   
At least this would be aesthetically pleasing.

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