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Not all Muslims, bro...
Most people die unmentioned and forgotten, but in the case of Zara Ahmed, an 18-year-old nobody who died suddenly of a mysterious diabetes condition, the mainstream media sniffed something that could further one of the favoured narratives. You know, the one about Islam being the religion of peace, Muslims being nice people, and Muslim terrorists not being "real Muslims." For convenience let's call it the "hug a Muslim narrative."

Accordingly, the meagre facts of Zara's life -- university student, Muslim, attendee of the Ariana Grande concert in Manchester where 22 people were killed -- were worked up by newspapers like the Manchester Evening News into a heart-warming narrative designed to remind us that "we are all on the same side" when it comes to terrorism, which is just "nasty, hateful people" and "nothing whatsoever to do with race, religion, and culture."
A university student who had been at the Ariana Grande concert on the night of the Manchester Arena terror attack has died after complications with diabetes.

Young music fan Zara Ahmed, 18, escaped unhurt from the May 22 attack on the indoor stadium but was left deeply affected by the tragedy.

Following the tragedy, her family say the university student was determined to live life to the full and show the world the positive aspects of her Muslim faith.

But she died tragically young after passing away at her halls of residence at Liverpool’s John Moores University, where she was studying forensic science.

Her family say the devoted Ariana Grande fan, from Kinmel Bay in Wales, “held onto her faith and never hid it from others.”
Yes, this story is designed to get us feeling nice feels about Muslims and to not worry in the least about their booming demographics and deeply tribal and often violent culture. 

But while it's nice that Zara wasn't a terrorist and it's "strangely comforting" that she could have been blown up along with a lot of White people by another Muslim (in-bombing, I guess you could call it), the fact that she died so young is not entirely neutral either. 

British Muslims, like Zara, are well known for "consanguinity," which means cousin marriage and is often referred to as "in-breeding." This is also linked to a wide range of serious health problems, including diabetes.

Although we don't know much about Zara's personal situation or how closely related her parents are, the fact that an 18-year-old girl, who was unharmed by the bomb attack in Manchester, should just keel over and die "after complications with diabetes" points to the kind of weird health problems caused by in-breeding.

Genetic diseases like this are just another of the many blessings of the "Religion of Peace" that we are expected to welcome into our lands without so much as a murmur of displeasure.

According to Science Daily, there are 325,000 Muslims (out of a population of around 3 million) who have diabetes in the UK, with the illness being four times more common in the Muslim Bangladeshi and Pakistani groups than the general UK population. 

While some of this is no doubt connected to lifestyle, which is another issue altogether, much of it is the result of genetic problems caused by in-breeding. 

What was Ms. Ahmed's family lineage, and was cousin marriage a major factor in it? If the media are going to force us to consider her life at all, then these are clearly facts we need to be told. Why the cover up?

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Robert What? said...

Orthodox Ashkenazi Jews are also highly inbred which is why so many of them have many health problems and look like goblins.

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