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We already know what happened -- a madman went into a small church in Texas and killed as many defenceless people as possible -- but now the questions arise who did this and why.

The shooter's name has already been revealed as Devin Kelley, a White man. But why would anyone want to kill an entire congregation of White Christians? 

"Personal reasons" or "someone just going off his head" isn't going to cover it. 

This was clearly an ideologically driven attack. 

But which group of people is capable of that? In modern-day America there is only one group besides jihadi Muslims who are capable of such atrocities -- Bernie Bros. 

You think I'm joking. I'm not. 

Have you forgotten James Hodgkinson, the crazed Bernie Sanders supporter and demented Boomer, who tried to wipe out the GOP Congressional baseball team? He was a Bernie Bro. Look at that sick, cold, evil face!

Have you forgotten Jeremy Jospeh Christian, the Portland bus stabber, who killed two men because they protected a woman in traditionalist garb? He was a Bernie Bro. You couldn't piss out of those eyes even if they were on the end of your cock. What an evil f**ker!

I'm not going to call the Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock, who murdered over 50 WHITE country and western fans, a Bernie Bro yet, but there are clear signs that he was left-wing in his social attitudes and a total Bernie-Bro-style sociopath. 

It is definitely not impossible that the kind of sick, anti-White, Left-wing hatred that typifies Bernie Bros was a factor in that mass slaughter as well.

In the latest case, we already have evidence of the shooter's likes and affiliations thanks to /pol/.

Screenshots of his Facebook page taken before it was "scrubbed" show him to be a militant atheist interested in the usual pseudo-moralistic Left-wing causes.

His LinkedIn page listed "civil rights," "social action," "human rights" (yeh, sure) and  the "environment" as things of interest.

What a totally wonderful 
f**kin' human being!

Actually, that picture above -- along with all the other data -- has me thinking that he might have been a paedo. That would certainly explain a lot. After all, what kind of atheist volunteers to teach 4-6 year-olds at a Bible school?

Disturbingly his Facebook page mentioned this as his favourite quote:

Everything we have seen so far, including his physical appearance suggest that he is that most dangerous of modern American creatures -- the radicalised Bernie Bro, the product of a pozzed educational system and a diseased mainstream culture.

This creature is psychologically composed of a shell of dehumanising hatred and racial self-loathing for his fellow Whites, centred around a dark, nihilistic core. 

This is the type we most have to be on our guard against in modern America. This is the type that must be rooted out of society with the vile Leftist ideologies that support them. Anyone who shoots one of these monsters deserves more than a medal.


Iehova Deus said...

Major mainstream news outlets are now reporting that Kelley was an outspoken atheist. His atheism is definite. For example, the headline for THE DAILY MAIL reads, "EXCLUSIVE: 'Creepy, crazy and weird': Former classmates say Texas gunman was an 'outcast' who 'preached his atheism' online before killing 26 in the state’s worst ever mass shooting." The article quotes an acquaintance as saying, "He was always talking about how people who believe in God we're stupid and trying to preach his atheism."

Smash the NWO said...

There is a possibility that this LinkedIn profile (which expresses interest in "social action") was made up by trolls after the fact. It's no longer available, at any rate. His Facebook is no doubt legit though.

Anonymous said...

I'm more curious how he got a firearm. Dishonorable discharge and a domestic abuser to boot. Him owning guns should never have happened.

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