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Usually it is the role of fake news to undermine the real news, by coming up with more eye-catching and shocking headlines than the real news. This then ensures that the fake news story spreads viraly before it can be slowed down by fact checking, with the result that it overshadows and displaces the real news.

But now, because the world is becoming increasingly skewed, this is no longer the case. An increasing number of real news stories are starting to sound more absurd and outlandish than anything fake news can come up with, including this recent story from Germany, as reported by the Berlin Morgenpost, which is a bona fide news source:
A young man allegedly committed a sexual act on a pony of the children's farm in Görlitzer Park. This was confirmed by a colleague of the establishment to the Berliner Morgenpost. The incident occurred on Friday last week around 3pm. At first, Amanda F. (name changed by the editors) described the incident to the Berliner Morgenpost. "My babysitter was traveling with our son in Görlitzer Park and they had to watch the man commit a sex act on the pony." Her babysitter told her about the case and talked to the park staff in Görlitzer Park. She no longer wants to comment on the incident. The scene was too traumatic.

A staff member of the children's farm told the Berliner Morgenpost that the babysitter took a photo of the man during the act and immediately contacted the staff of the children's farm. The park's security staff were also called in. The staff called the police. The young man noticed that his act had been observed and let go of the animal and disappeared in the park.

The park staff then searched for the man based on the photo and found and held him until the arrival of the police. His personal details were determined by the police. 
The culprit, described as a 23-year-old native Syrian, was charged with "provoking a public nuisance through sexual acts."

Stock image of a typical Syrian immigrant to the West.
There, that's it. Admit it, while you were reading, you couldn't help thinking this is fake news, probably written by someone trying to spread the well-known meme that Muslims rape animals (I know I did). It just sounds so conveniently extreme, outlandish, and clickbaity, and it also pushes a narrative -- all the hallmarks of a good fake news story. Except that this just happens to be true.

This sort of story will have a double effect. On the one hand, it will overshadow "real" fake news and undermine fake news providers for a time. But on the other hand it will also help prime the public to believe ever more outlandish stuff, because it helps redefine the modern world as essentially a bizarro clown world, where any nonsense is possible. 

After a period of adjustment the next generation of fake news will emerge as even crazier and more extreme in order to catch up and overtake the sheer insanity of "normal news" in the modern world.

Where we are headed.

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