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London's Muslim Mayor and the chief normaliser of terrorism in the UK was shut down brave British nationalists as he attempted to give a speech to the extreme Leftist Fabian Society in London on Friday (12th).

As he stood up to begin his speech, a group of protesters peacefully exercised their freedom of speech rights by shouting slogans supporting Brexit and Donald Trump. They also unfurled American flags and called for Khan to be arrested. The mayor looked visibly shaken.

The pro-Trump part of the demonstration was clearly a response to Khan's recent comments gloating over President Trump's reluctance to visit the UK due to Leftist threats of mob violence and the poor condition of Britain's security services.

The protesters, numbering around half a dozen, were from the English nationalist group  White Pendragon. Following a considerable delay, the protesters were finally escorted from the venue by police.

Trump is well liked by British nationalists because he retweeted a number of anti-Muslim tweets by Britain First's Jayda Fransen last November.


Anonymous said...

Khan is filth. Khan must be humiliated and then disposed of. Whites will not tolerate having a subhuman animal like Khan lording it over them.

Anonymous said...

Good on you Brits!

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