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Fake image promoting "climate change" meme, LOL

The price of tinfoil has fallen sharply following the publication of the final statement of the COP26 "climate change" conference  in Glasgow.

Conspiracy theorists around the world had been expecting a raft of draconian ecological measures agreed by globalist world leaders. These were to include bans on gasoline-fuelled cars, toilet paper, and air travel for poor people, enforced  by a ruthless Green Stassi, combined with the forcible introduction of bug meat and pod living. Instead all that was agreed on was the distant hope that somehow, someday China would "phase down" its use of coal. 

As reported by the BBC:

China and India will have to explain themselves to climate-vulnerable nations, COP26 President Alok Sharma has said as the summit ends.

It comes after the two nations pushed for the language on coal to change from "phase out" to "phase down" in the deal agreed in Glasgow.

But Mr Sharma insisted the "historic" deal "keeps 1.5C within reach".

It is the first ever climate deal that plans explicitly to reduce coal - the worst fossil fuel for greenhouse gases.

The summit, which was initially due to end on Friday, had to go into overtime before a deal was agreed late on Saturday - following the late intervention from India to water down the language on coal.

This wishy washy agreement about nothing much in particular sparked off a sharp fall in the price of tinfoil, the main material used in the production of conspiritard headgear. 

In recent years, with mass immigration, the normalisation of pedophilia, the Wuhan flu, and the vaccine mandates there has been a spike in conspiracy theories resulting in tinfoil selling at a premium. The result of COP 26, however, has led to non-fears that we will be driving cars, eating meat, and even jetting off to foreign countries on a whim well into the 22nd century. 

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