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Count 3: Damages

Jason Kessler $500,000
Richard Spencer $500,000
Christopher Cantwell $500,000
Nathan Damigo $500,000
Eli Kline (aka Eli Mosley) $500,000
Matt Heimbach $500,000
Matt Parrott  $500,000
Dr. Michael Hill  $500,000
Michael Tubbs $500,000

Trad Workers Party $1,000,000
The Nationalist Socialist Movement $1,000,000
Vanguard America $1,000,000
League of the South $1,000,000
Identity Europa $1,000,000

Count 4: Religious or Ethnic Intimidation

Jason Kessler $200,000
Richard Spencer $200,000
Eli Kline (aka Eli Mosley) $200,000
Christopher Cantwell $200,000

Counts 5 & 6: Emotional and Punitive Damages

James Fields $12,000,000

There is now also considerable backbiting and infighting among the defendants, which can only escalate in the days ahead. On Twitter, Parrot who tweets as @TiffPollardFan lambasted Kessler calling him a "liar" and blaming him for the problems caused by the torchlight march the night before:

"Spencer and Cantwell are victims of Kessler's point blank lying to them about the legal preparations for the torch march.He promised both of them, and others, that he was in contact with the police about it. That was another pathological lie. Kessler is, according to plan, trying to blame Spencer for his loss. Whatever differences and problems you have with Cantwell and Spencer, and lord knows I've got my own, they're white advocates who were led into a legal trap by a deranged jackass and deserve our support."

To be honest this is starting to look a little like the old Spencer vs. Greg Johnson split that has run through the Alt-Right from its start in 2010. Parrott has been on both sides of the divide, but now seems to be in the Spencer camp, while Kessler has been befriended of late by Greg Johnson, who stayed far away from Unite the Right because Spencer was involved. 

It is not yet clear how Mike Peinovich (aka Mike Enoch) and the TRS people who were heavily involved in the event managed to wriggle out of the case, but it appears that Peinovich had paid assistance from Glen Allen, a lawyer aligned with the Neo-Nazi National Alliance group, that led the judge to exclude him from the case.

So, do the legal shenanigans now end? Unfortunately not. 

Counts 1 and 2, which relate to Federal conspiracy charges, were undecided, but the plaintiffs say they will seek a retrial on the first two allegations after Thanksgiving.

As Colin Liddell tweeted...

The "Unite the Right" court case saga looks set to run and run until everybody is so bored with White nationalism and identitarianism that they simply tune out. This is exactly the result the people behind the case want.

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