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PA's Laura Towler, Kenny Smith and Mark Collett

An attempt by antifa and Britain's Orwellian police force to stop the Patriotic Alternative political group from holding its annual conference at a hotel in the Lake Distirct town of Kendal appears to have largely failed, although it seems the conference was disrupted to some extent after police arrived and attempted to shut it down.

Patriotic Alternative is a Neo-Nazi political group -- not a party -- led by Mark Collett, whose three favourite books of all time are Adolf Hitler's "Mein Kampf," David Duke's "My Awakening," and George Lincoln Rockwell's "White Power."

A party is a political organisation that stands candidates in elections. So far Patriotic Alternative have failed to do this, mainly due to certain procedural obstacles with registering the group as a proper political party.

Despite this and despite holding Naziist views that will ensure its "nationalist" message will always be stillborn, Patriotic Alternative nevertheless has an appeal to a certain demographic of largely young and naive people who have come to their "politics" on-line through anti-Semitic meme culture and the former Alt-Right. This has seen the group do relatively well at the micropolitical level, outperforming other micro nationalist groups in terms of online presence and activism.

Pictures show that estimates of over 200 people attending the conference are plausible, while the conference appears to have been generally well organised and "good optics" -- apart from, of course, the Nazi vibe.

Photo of the conference, police and antifa not included

According to sources, PA refused to comply with a request from police and hotel staff to shut down the conference, and proceeded with a number of events, including speeches by various leaders. 

Possibly the police arrived too late to severely disrupt the conference, while antifa personnel may have been unable to disrupt the event through direct action as many, if not all of their personnel are in Glasgow looking for opportunities to riot at the COP26 climate change event. 

Without a clear breach of the law, the police can only shut down a conference by a political group if the venue decides to officially cancel, a measure that the venue can only do by refunding the money paid. The venue in this case may have been unwilling to suffer the loss, or may even have been afraid, as the police and antifa had informed them that PA were a group of "possibly violent" Nazi thugs.

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