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RamZPaul the YouTuber, who sometimes pretends to be a "nationalism for all" normie-friendly dissident righter, has revealed his "Inner Nazi" again with a tweet enthusiastically endorsing Hitler's 1938 "Anschluss" annexation of Austria.

In the tweet RamZPaul gushed about the treaty-breaking act, which many historians believe laid the groundwork for WWII, in a "history nerd" reply to Paul Joseph Watson, who had just tweeted that the Austrian government's vax plans were almost as bad as the Nazis:

While some Austrian Nazis welcomed the Anschluss, and there was even a vote on it that was 99.73% in favour, a history nerd like RamZ should remember that this "vote" took place AFTER the event, by which time the Nazis and the SS were in full control of Austria, and anybody voting against the "union" would be liable to end up in a concentration camp. 

This is not the first time that RamZPaul has revealed his inner Nazi. A few years ago he was very friendly with Neo-Nazi leader Harold Covington as you can see in this video:

For those who don't know about RamZ's friend, this is also him:

Yes, basically Andrew Anglin 1.0, which is hilarious as RamZ has frequently criticised Anglin.

RamZ has also been a guest on the Neo-Nazi Daily Shoah podcast and has had Nazi guests like Alex McNabb on his own show. So the fact that RamZPaul is revealing his "Inner Nazi" again is not surprising. 

The saddest part of this story is that RamZ is forced to hide his deep love for the Fuhrer and basically live a lie, saying insincere things like "nationalism is for everybody" and "The Alt-Right's not all that old Nazi bullshit, y'know American History X, all those old stereotypes. No, no, no - something different..."

In a way, RamZ is just like one of the gays before Stonewall, Harvey Milk, and Gay Rights happened, namely forced to hide his true love in the shadows, living a life of shame and fear, except for those brief moments when he is caught with his pants down in a local park, going at it hammer and tongs, grunting "Anschlauss" through his teeth. 

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Anonymous said...

last para is hilarious.

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