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It looks like Richard Spencer's trust fund is on its way to the Dirtbag Left after the Charlottesville "show trial" went against the 'Unite the Right' organisers.

With jurors keen to get home for Thanksgiving, the formally split jury suddenly united and effectively said "yeh, what the fuck, who cares about these dumb Nazis. Let's get home for to our families" and came down on the easy side of their previous division. 

They then awarded $500,000 in punitive damages against all 12  defendants, and $1 million against 5 white nationalist organizations. Most of the money will go to the plaintiffs, a selection of dirtbag leftists who showed up in Charlottesville to "counter protest" Unite the Right.  

Defendant Christopher Cantwell

It is unlikely that many of the 12 defendants will be able to pay a cent in damages, as most of them have failed to achieve their full potential in life. But Spencer is a different case. Coming from a rich (but divorced family) he is reputed to have a trust fund worth a million dollars or more (if he hasn't spent it all on coke).

Any attempt he has made to hide the money or transfer it to other family members to keep for him will probably result in fraud charges, leading to prison time, so he's likely to be writing a pretty hefty cheque soon

For his sake let's hope it doesn't bounce like a LOT of his previous cheques did.

The case presents an interesting contrast with the ongoing Xmas Parade Massacre in Wokeesha. In both Charlottesville and Wisconsin, a car drove into a crowd of people, but in only one of these cases was any interest shown in the ideological motivations of the driver, namely James Fields, whose behaviour has now been directly blamed on the 'Unite the Right' organisers.

The fact that Darrel Brooks was a White-hating aspiring rapper who had  been radicalised by Black Lives Matter, Critical Race Theory, and a White-blaming media, has of course been completely ignored.

It is a pity that all the defendants have been lumped in with Spencer and punished equally, as he was the dominant personality in terms of setting the tone and carrying out provocative stunts like the torchlight parade on the campus of the University of Virginia the night before.

While the Unite the Right rally had been granted permission, the torchlight parade had not, and this Nazi-style event greatly prejudiced the rally that followed. While all the defendants may have had some complicity in that poor decision, Spencer was essentially in the driving seat, and bears most of the blame for Nazifying the event, which should have just been about Southern identity.

On social media, Spencer vowed to appeal the decision through the 
unsympathetic legal system. 

Dirtbag Leftists marching on Spencer's trust fund.


Julian Lee said...

The author of this piece is the ex boyfriend of Mr. Spencer. He’s got a sore anus and chapped lips.

Anonymous said...

Actually Julian (nice gay-sounding name), Spencer accused Liddell, to a judge no less, of fucking his wife Nina and fathering his two kids.

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