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In a new report by Italy's Istituto Superiore di Sanità (National Institute of Health), the number of fatalities due to Covid has been slashed from over 130,468 to a mere 3,768, making it about as deadly as a normal flue virus in the 1960s or 70s. For example in 1969, Italy reported 6,222 death due to normal flu. 

As reported by mainstream media outlet Il Tempo:

According to the new report (which had not been updated since July) from the National Institute of Health on mortality from Covid, the virus that brought the world to its knees would have killed far less than a common flu. It seems a bizarre and anti-vax statement, but according to the statistical sample of medical records collected by the institute, only 2.9% of the deaths registered since the end of February 2020 would be due to Covid 19. So of the 130,468 deaths registered by official statistics at the time of preparation of the new report only 3,783 would be due to the power of the virus itself.

The report highlights other preexisting conditions as contributing to the death toll:

Because all the other Italians who lost their lives had from one to five diseases which, according to the ISS, therefore already left them little hope. Even 67, 7% would have had more than three contemporary diseases together, and 18% at least two together... According to the ISS, 65.8% of Italians who are no longer there after being infected with Covid were ill with arterial hypertension, that is, they had high blood pressure. 23.5% were also demented, 29.3% added some diabetes to their ailments, 24.8% also atrial fibrillation. And that's not enough: 17.4% already had sick lungs, 16.3% had had cancer in the last 5 years; 15.7% suffered from heart failure.

The case unwittingly made by this report is that Covid is much less deadly than previously believed, and that lockdown and isolationist measures should only have been taken with the small part of the population that was most vulnerable, namely the extremely elderly and the already deeply unhealthy; which incidentally would also have been the part of the population that was already economically inactive. 

Instead, like other hysterical "harm avoidance" governments in the developed world, the Italian government imposed various harmful lockdown measures that have caused many other serious medical issues -- suicide, delayed treatments, etc. -- as well as great economic harm. 


Unknown said...

Expected but incredible they admitted it. Unfortunately the United States stand as arguably the world's leader in corruption and we will never get a mea culpa. They are trying to put the Pfizer Poison in kids

Mora said...

Please give a source for this report -- not Il Tempo, please, since they didn't cite a source either. Thank you.

Colin Liddell said...

Il Tempo is our source. As you may know it is a major Italian newspaper and would not publish something like that lightly.

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