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To the untrained eye Jim Goad and Greg Johnson seem like the best of friends. After all, Goad, the author of such edgytarian works as "Shitmagnet" and "The Redneck Manifesto," is now the chief writer of Greg Johnson's pseudo-intellectual Neo-Nazi website Counter-Currents.

But shocking evidence has now emerged of what Goad really thinks of his Counter-Currents boss in a video released on the internet by an unknown person and now reposted on the Affirmative Right BitChute channel:

In the video, Goad, who once confessed to paying a Black boy to suck him off, accuses Johnson of being gay with shocking slurs from a bygone age.

In the rant, Goad is angry because Johnson has reviewed one of his books:

"He wrote a review of my book Shitmagnet under a pseudonym, saying I came from a bad sperm and a bad egg. I said fuck you f***** I'll beat your fucking head into the ground. You coward, show your fucking face. He'll come after me for half a second. Greg Johnson little bitch coward. He doesn't show his face but accuses someone else of being afraid well fuck you Every word that comes out is absolutely sincere and true."

Although the outburst seems to be from a year or two ago, it is clear that there are serious tensions under the surface at Counter-Currents, which now promotes itself as a subscription only "Private Gentlemen's Club."  


JLawrence said...

Not to get into any drama, but I have a vague memory of Goad saying this a long time ago, and presumably he and Johnson have put it behind them in order to work together at Counter-Currents.

Anonymous said...

Yes JLawrence, it's almost as if Grindr Greg likes putting things behind him, nudge nudge, wink wink!

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