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"Parler is an unbiased social media focused on real user experiences and engagement. Free expression without violence and no censorship."

LOL! Really? Is that the kind of line they are running with? No censorship???

Try posting a link to our objective and unbiased news site, which never promotes violence or bad language, and see what happens.

We did and this is what we got.

Yes, restricted!!!!! The story we were attempting to post is here. Check it, it's horrific and really worthy of censorship. 

But seriously Parler is being really, REALLY stupid here. The only advantage Small Tech sites like this have over Big Tech sites like Google, Twitter, and Facebook is that they offer more free speech, not less. It's really not difficult.

If Parler can't understand that simple equation, then don't expect to see them around for long.

But even without the petty censorship, the site was pretty crap anyway. It was buggy and it looks cringe.

Really, if you value your free speech stick to GAB (find us here) or, better still, anything that isn't based in the US or other cucked Western countries. That's the safest! So give Russia's VK.com a try. They like Western dissidents (find us here).

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