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(((Mike "stick them in the oven" Peinovich)))

America has been "saved" after the National Jewstice Party held its second conference on the 14th of November, at a secret, undisclosed location, believed to be Mike Peinovich's basement. 

The NJP was founded a few months ago by Mike Peinovich (aka Mike Enoch) a yenta-rape survivor who has turned his back on his Jewish background to lead the oppressed "goy" nation to the future ethnostate. 

In his Chairman's speech to the assembled masses (around 20 guys, maybe less), Peinovich laid out the Party's comprehensive platform for saving America. Most of it was obvious, populist, common sense stuff that most normies would nod along to, mixed in with some nutty communist crap about nationalising the banks and some Muslim nonsense about ending "usury."

But thankfully, for the Party's Fed-handlers, there were also a few policies that would allow the party to be easily tarred with charges of rabid anti-Semitism and ensure it wasn't allowed anywhere near a ballot box, while also delegitimizing some of the more populist, common sense policies.

For example, Point 4 of the party's program is problematic:

We support a two percent ceiling on Jewish employment in vital institutions so that they better represent the ethnic and regional population balance of the country.

This doesn't sound too bad, but would require the setting up of a national data base identifying all Jews in America and a clear definition of who was and wasn't a Jew. Also, it would, hilariously cause problems for the NJP, as Peinovich would have to resign from the leadership of his own party, where Jews like him, are currently over-represented in the Party hierarchy.

Another deeply anti-Semitic point was Point 14 of the program. This was apparently written by Syrian Girl, and would also allow the Party to be presented as rabid Jew haters in a country full of cuckservative evangelists who love Israel:

We will declare Israel a rogue state and exporter of terrorism. The national rights of the Palestinian people must be respected.

Yes, on assuming power, the NJP would immediately bomb Israel and invade the Middle East from the other direction. This seems to contradict Point 11 of the Party Program, which demands the return of all troops to the homeland and advocates a doctrine of ”America First” and ceasing "the internationalist project of exporting liberalism."

But what is significant about the program is what it doesn't say. Anyone familiar with the opinions of prominent NJP leaders and members know that they blame the Jews for all the evils in the World, and generally support the same solutions that Adolf Hitler tried to implement. In fact, they are on record "joking about" gassing Jews not once but 6 million times.

While some in the NJP may be sincere in such retarded and abhorrent beliefs, others in the Party are clearly endorsing them in order to create a "built-to-fail" nationalist party that will seem credible enough to naive nationalists, while being close enough to Naziism to divide and toxify White identitarian sentiment for the next ten years.

Warning: wignat bait.


Unknown said...

sven's wife aint chinesw

Anonymous said...

Always a bad sign when non-Chinese look Chinese

Anonymous said...

Respect for Palestinian claims and sanctioning Israel for terrorism doesnt necessarily mean bombing Israel day 1. Last I checked, we still have a congress. What exactly is the point of these hysterics? Are people supposed to take you seriously as a political analyst when you seriously think the NJP is going to bomb israel after WINNING elections?

What are you basing any of this on?

Keltic067 said...

Just what is 'nutty,' Liddell, about nationalizing banks? Seems like a very pro-nationalist and populist thing to do.

Colin Liddell said...

Banks exist to make credible loans to creditworthy people who can pay their debts. Once the government is involved it will become a disgusting popularity contest of throwing away public money and bad loan forgiveness. Think Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and subprime. Central governments already have enough financial tools to enact nationalist policies without taking over the entire banking sector.

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