Alt-Right/Alt-Lite grifter Baked Alaska appears to be having some kind of weird meltdown, as his grifting exploits move in ever contracting circles. In recent weeks he has been kicked off some of the platforms he has been using because of his increasingly unhinged pranks -- all designed to keep the grift going.  

The other day he was even kicked out of a Proud Boys #StopTheSteal demo that he was trying to grift off by live streaming at. Also involved was Catboy Kami, an associate of Baked Alaska and Nick Fuentes, who made a Fed-tier Neo-Nazi Jew-hating speech in an obvious attempt to smear the Proud Boys demo. 

Now it appears that there has been some sort of "incident" at the trailer park where Baked Alaska is staying, involving some kind of physical assault.

This may or may not be drug related. Images from one of his livestreams appear to show police investigating his trailer while a half naked figure, presumably Baked Alaska himself, lies slumped over and unconscious (or possibly dead).

Whatever is going on with Baked Alaska, the signs are not good and show all the hallmarks of self-destructive and suicidal behaviour. 

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