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Should Mark Zuckerberg be banned from Facebook for thinking 'deniers' shouldn't be banned?

One of the glaring mistakes the Alt-Right made in its heyday was to choke on its own memes. 

According to the memes, the Jews controlled everything, were all on the same page, and would do anything in their power to shut down the redpilled geniuses of the Alt-Right. So, fuck it fam, why not just be 1488 for the lulz? Don't punch right, bro!

But, quite simply, that was fake news. 

The true story was that the Jews, weren't all on the same page, don't control everything -- including Corporate Tech -- and Corporate Tech doesn't want to shut everything down that doesn't agree with "their narrative." Corporate Tech's narrative btw is making shitloads of money.

Indeed, Corporate Tech, as well as many of the Jews who run bits of it, have a kind of soft commitment to free speech, as revealed by Mark Zuckerburg's latest comments regarding Holocaust revisionism, given in an interview with Recode, a technology news website.

"I find [Holocaust deniers] deeply offensive," Zuckerburg said. "But at the end of the day, I don’t believe that our platform should take that down because I think there are things that different people get wrong. I don’t think that they’re intentionally getting it wrong."

The thing to note about Corporate Tech people -- Jew and non-Jew alike -- is that they are default soft Leftists and pretty autistic. 

As soft Leftists, they tend to have a soft commitment to "free speech" in the abstract, as this is something the Left long fought for in the past. As semi-austistes, Corporate Tech people lean towards an overly-logicalist and decontextualised approach to things, meaning that they find it hard to shut down arguments that stay close to logic and data, and avoid blatant offensiveness.

What the Alt-Right got wrong -- or maybe right if you admit that some of them were clearly shills aiming to do this -- was to use troll tactics and extreme shitposting to emotionalise debate on the internet and trigger Corporate Tech with pointlessly offensive content. 

The (((Daily Stormer)))'s campaign against Jewish Labour MP Luciana Berger was effective in pushing Corporate Tech into deplatforming identitarian sites, individuals, and accounts.

In particular this was pushed into Europe, via sites like the Daily Stormer to brush up against new hate speech laws and 
long-established Denazification censorship laws in order to precipitate a crisis for Corporate Tech. Countries like Germany have extremely strict regulations for this kind of thing.

People like (((Andrew Anglin))), (((Weev))), and (((Enoch))), no doubt working for their masters in the SPLC and the ADL, went out of their way to be as offensive as possible in order to provoke Corporate Tech to go against its inadequate and fuzzy committment to free speech and shut down even milquetoast Alt-Right sites like AltRight.com. 

In short, the ADL and the SPLC, dissatisfied with the free speech commitment in America, attempted to find a backdoor way to import European censorship standards into the USA, and largely succeeded. 

But Corporate Tech is not like inherently this. In fact it had to be carefully manipulated by the (((Alt-Right))) in order to deplatform to the degree it did.

Mark Zuckerburg, in his latest comments, reveals how Corporate Tech actually thinks and feels -- an unfocused belief in free speech mixed with corporate self interest. This means that political activists working through the internet are well advised to avoid the childish troll tactics that once defined the Alt-Right and which got much of it flushed from the internet. 

This means it is important to make good points about the evils of globalism, the cultural chaos of constant demographic churn, the disasters of feminism, etc., without coming across as psychotic shitheads who love Hitler and want to gas Jews. 

In short it means rejecting the toxic Alt-Right paradigm created by the so-called "giants" of that movement and "coming home" to the Affirmative Right.

The competition to fuck up the Alt-Right was intense.


ChanChanRight said...

meh, prolly all for naught anyway...the western whites have already lost, at least in america and canada, the UK, france and germany and most other western nations

Anonymous said...

Western Whites can't lose until someone else wins and I don't see any winners.

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